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MW3 camos may be in danger of repeating this “boring” MW2 mistake

MW3 camo challenges are a big part of the COD grind, but players are worried they'll carry over a divisive element from Call of Duty MW2.

MW3 camo challenges

The path to grinding weapon camos in Call of Duty games is one way to flex your time mowing down foes, but the parameters continue to get more complex with each entry. Acquiring all the MW3 camos will be a top priority for many players, and though Sledgehammer Games is yet to detail what is required for them, it is possible they’ll be similar to Modern Warfare 2’s camo challenges. And that could be a problem for a lot of COD players.

We’re close to MW3 early access commencing, which will give Call of Duty players a detailed look at all the MW3 guns they’ll brandish in MW3 multiplayer. Red and Blue Tiger are classic COD camos, but players like ‘Chase10784’ are hoping MW3’s path to Platinum and beyond is far more interesting than MW2. “Personally I hate the long shot, mounted, prone and crouch [challenges] the most. Especially the long shot and mounted. They are all very boring challenges,” explains the COD player.

One of the toughest camo paths to go down in MW2 is the Polyatomic and Orion challenges, which can consume a heavy amount of your time. Unlike earlier entries in the franchise, which are some of the best FPS games around, just getting to Polyatomic needs to you have Platinum first – and that’s achieved by getting long shots. Even though your MW2 camos transfer into MW3, the return of these particular challenges could be a factor that drains the fun of multiplayer skirmishes.

Camo challenge wishes
byu/Chase10784 inModernWarfareIII

“Any camo challenge that forces you to not have fun, EG long shots where I have to sit there staring down a lane of the map waiting for someone, needs to go,” agrees ‘Zesty59’. It appears that long shot in particular are a culprit within camo progression, as ‘wetmeatlol’ adds that “I can’t stand having to do long shot and mount kills because it forces you to play a completely different way if you’re an aggressive player. I [got] put off getting polyatomic in MW2 for so long because I didn’t want to get long shots.”

The recent MW3 beta didn’t indicate too much what plans are in store for MW3 camos, but with Sledgehammer Games eager to appease the community who weren’t a fan of Infinity Ward’s design ethos, it is possible that these requirements won’t be present. We do know that when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives that MW3 Zombies will add its own line of unlockable camos, just like Black Ops Cold War before it.

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So, even if you’re tired of trying to attain the highest tier MW3 camos in multiplayer, you’ll at least be able to get some awesome weapon skins by slaying legions of undead enemies. Modern Warfare 3 is one of many new PS5 games and new Xbox games you should have on your radar, so don’t forget to check out what we know about the MW3 Season 1 release date too.