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You shouldn’t defeat The Pharaoh in Warzone The Haunting, actually

Warzone's The Haunting event brings all manner of tough bosses to fight, but here's why you shouldn't defeat The Pharaoh when you drop into Al Mazrah.

warzone the haunting the pharaoh boss fight

Al Mazrah is deadlier than ever, and it isn’t just because of pesky enemy Warzone players. As part of the brand-new The Haunting event, Activision brings a roster of vicious foes to eliminate, ranging from Aliens to The Butcher from Diablo 4. One such enemy is The Pharaoh, but if you’re after some excellent loot in the Call of Duty battle royale spin-off, lay your weapons down.

Well, not completely, you should still use some of the best Warzone loadouts that are dominating the Warzone meta right now. Save your selection of weaponry, as Call of Duty easter egg hunter ‘GeekyPastimes’ explains that “you can get a free MRAP and a bunch of loot, by making friends with The Pharaoh in the Warzone Haunting event.”

While it might sound like an odd thing to do in one of the best battle royale games around, but it turns out, leaning into your pacifist side in the way to go. The YouTuber clarifies, “to do this, you just summon the mummy [Pharaoh] as normal, so you go to the sarcophagus, [and] get the red skulls from killing the enemies with the red heads.” After putting your collected red skulls into the sarcophagus, The Pharaoh will levitate out of it, and it is crucial you don’t interact with him at this point.

“When the mummy is summoned, don’t shoot him. Just literally stand there with him, hang out with him,” adds the YouTuber. If you follow these steps, The Pharaoh will drop an MRAP outside for you and your team, as well as a bunch of floor loot to take with you.

The MRAP isn’t exactly a tough vehicle to disable in both Warzone and DMZ mode, but with a squad of teammates using the best Warzone guns onboard, you’ll be a hard target to deal with when you’re travelling around the map.

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Whether you can utilize this method with other The Haunting foes is unknown, but we doubt it will work with others, so don’t hesitate to get this loot drop while you can. Aside from The Pharaoh’s loot, you can use this soul farming method, which will make acquiring rewards like this awesome Infinite Warfare Zombies camo so much easier. There is also the new Diablo 4-themed rewards to earn, which include a pretty slick blueprint you shouldn’t miss out on.