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Elden Ring walkthrough - tips, guides, and more

Looking for a thorough Elden Ring walkthrough with boss guides, tips on where to find powerful weapons, and explanations of mechanics. We have that and more

Elden Ring walkthrough: a Tarnished can be seen knelling as their sword lies in a body on the ground

Are you playing through Elden Ring right now or plan to? Well, it is a large game with dozens of intertwining systems and challenging encounters, which means you need a helpful, concise, and stuffed Elden Ring walkthrough to help you through the game.

With hundreds of items, crafting resources, spells, and more scattered across The Lands Between and a number of completely missable interactions and pieces of gear, finding everything is not easy. And, the game will require multiple playthroughs to see everything that is on offer. And, if you are like us, chances are you don’t have the natural instinct to know where all of Elden Ring’s secrets are hiding.

That is why we have compiled all the secrets, hidden items, and best pieces of gear in the game here for you. Read on through our Elden Ring walkthrough for tips, guides, how to defeat the bosses in the game, and more.

Elden Ring Walkthrough

Our Elden Ring walkthrough consists of tips, boss guides, item locations, lists of the best items, and far more. All of which can below split into sections:

Elden Ring Walkthrough: A player can be seen resting at a Site of Grace

General Tips And Tricks

Our collection of general tips and tricks for Elden Ring covers everything from explaining basic mechanics, to offering up some suggestions for the best starting Keepsakes to use. On top of that, we touch on the areas of the game and explain how New Game Plus works.

Elden Ring Walkthrough: A player can be seen attacking a knight who is holding a shield.

Class Tips

Our guides on Elden Ring’s classes mostly focus on teaching you about each of the 10 options and also giving you a suggestion on the best class to use if you are a returning or new player to FromSoftware’s titles.

Elden Ring Walkthrough: Godrick the Grafted can be seen

Main Boss Guides

Here you can find all of our main boss guides for Elden Ring, covering areas from Stormveil Castle and the Academy of Raya Lucaria, all the way to the yet to be revealed areas

The player can be seen riding Torrent as they fight Agheel the flying dragon.

Side Boss and Miniboss GUides

Our guides on side bosses and mini-bosses mostly focus on the challenging fights and also all of the mini-bosses you can fight early on as those are the ones you will have the most trouble with as you grasp the mechanics of the game.

Elden Ring walkthrough: A player can be seen wielding a sword

Best Weapons, gear and items

These guides focus on the best gear and items in Elden Ring are extensive and cover the strongest sorceries if you are a magic user, the strongest weapons in the game and more.

Elden Ring Walkthrough: A large towering giant can be seen in the distance with a cool aqua pond surrounding him

World Mysteries

This section on World Mysteries explains how some of the mechanics of The Lands Between work and also provides you with some riddles on how to solve some of the puzzles scattered across the landscape. This section will expand as we find more mysteries.

Elden Ring Walkthrough: The player can be seen crouching to avoid a group of enemies

Item Locations

These guides cover the locations of tons of different items in the game, from Spirit Ashes and the game’s Maps to valuable pieces of loot like the Golden Seeds.

Elden Ring Walkthrough: Renna the witch can be seen sitting on the wall

NPC Questlines

Our NPC guides offer up some locations where you can find characters to talk to in Elden Ring, while also providing some more in-depth looks at their questlines.

Be sure to take a look through our Elden Ring review if you are still on the fence and if we have any new tips or tricks, we will be sure to update this Elden Ring walkthrough.