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Elden Ring what to do after Godrick?

Conquered your first major challenge in Elden Ring? Here is our guide for Elden Ring on what to do after beating Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle

Elden Ring What To Do After Godrick: A player can be overseen looking at Liurnia of the Lakes

With Elden Ring being set in the open world of The Lands Between, its map size is gigantic and you can go wherever you like. This means figuring out what you should do after beating Godrick, the game’s first real challenge.

However, thanks to having played through the game and seen all the game has to offer we have come up with a couple of key places you should visit and activities you should do after you have conquered Stormveil Castle. Luckily, there are a lot of different places you can go to, so you can pick the best thing for your playstyle or go hunting for a specific powerful item or two.

So, for the different options available to you upon finishing Stormveil Castle, here are our suggestions in Elden Ring for what to do after beating Godrick the Grafted, the first demi-god in the game.

Elden Ring What To Do After Beating Godrick?

Elden Ring has four options you can opt for after beating Godrick. These are:

  • Continue North and progress through Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Head south and explore Castle Morne
  • Explore Caelid
  • Find a build that fits you

The first option is to continue north and progress through Liurnia of the Lakes and make your way towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This is the next main area you should explore and where the next Demi-god is located.

However, the other options allow you to customise your build or find some better weapons.

You can head to Castle Morne in the south if you haven’t been there already. It is home to some great items, the game’s first Walking Mausoleum location, and one of the best weapons in Elden Ring. This area should be a little easier after beating Godrick if you have been levelling your character.

The much tougher option is to instead head east and explore Caelid. Caelid will be incredibly tricky at this point in the game, but it holds some of the most important pieces of gear. For example, you can get access to Elden Ring’s Golden Scarab, which boots Rune acquisition. It also houses the Moonveil katana, which is a weapon so good it made it into our Elden Ring weapon tier list at the S-tier.

You don’t want to beat Caelid right now, but some light exploration isn’t a bad option.

Finally, you can do any of these three while experimenting with your class and character build. If you haven’t found what you originally settled on to be a good fit, now is a good chance to play around and see whether something else will suit you better, be it a melee-focused build or a focusing on sorceries.

That covers the four options for what to can do after you beat Godrick in Elden Ring. For more tips as you progress throughout the game, check out our Elden Ring best rune farming spots, the Elden Ring Larval Tear locations and more in our Elden Ring walkthrough.