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Elden Ring New Game Plus – everything to know

Already wondering if Elden Ring is going to be tough enough for you? Here's everything we know about Elden Ring's new game plus

Elden Ring New Game Plus: The player can be seen fighting a large dragon

Elden Ring is the latest major release from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware and with the developer’s Hidetaka Miyazaki joining forces with the creative mind behind Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, everyone wants to soak in the world the two have created. Elden Ring has so much flexibility and choice when it comes to what you do that new game plus in Elden Ring is vital. 

If you’re worried that Elden Ring is going to lose its Souls-like gameplay, then you have nothing to fear. It appears that the brutal gameplay and traditional New Game Plus style is back for this game. 

FromSoftware claimed before launch that Elden Ring’s length isn’t going to rival some of the longest video games out there – but players are now finding that they might have been fibbing on that one. There are also loads of collectibles to find, and Elden Ring trophies to earn. But if all of that isn’t enough for you, you’ll want to know about the Elden Ring New Game Plus mode. 

Elden Ring New Game Plus

Elden Ring does have a new game plus mode and it works just like it did in the previous game.s from the developer.

During a special Elden Ring broadcast that was aired during 2022’s Taipei Game Show, FromSoftware producer Yasuhiro Kitao confirmed that Elden Ring would offer a New Game Plus mode.

Now that we have the game, players are able to carry over any items, gear, or weapons they have collected into their New Game Plus run – and, as expected, enemies get stronger on New Game plus runs. It is a FromSoftware game, after all.

That covers everything we know about Elden Ring New Game Plus modes. If you’re looking for more information about how the game will work, check out how to level up in Elden Ring and all the Elden Ring bosses in the game.