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Elden Ring level up - how to level up and boost stats

Want to know how to level up in Elden Ring? We have all the information about levelling up in Elden Ring so you can increase your chances of killing bosses

Elden Ring Level Up: Melina and the player can be seen resting at a Site of Grace.

As with most soulslike games, knowing how to level up and what stats you should invest in is key to succeeding against tough enemies. Elden Ring is no different. Levelling up in Elden Ring allows you to boost your strength, health, endurance, and magic so you can survive longer, deal more damage, and pull off more spells.

With menus and systems being tucked away in Elden Ring, like most of FromSoftware‘s other games, it isn’t always totally clear just how levelling works. But now that the game is here, we have been able to get a good idea of how the system works and how each of the stats will be affected based off of your upgrades.

Read on to see how to level up in Elden Ring and all the details about what stats can be increased with Elden Ring level ups throughout the game.

Elden Ring Level Up

Elden Ring level-ups will allow you to boost your stats in eight key areas:

  • Vigor – Governs how much health you have, and poison and fire resistance
  • Mind: An attribute that affects FP and focus-related resistances
  • Endurance: Governs Stamina and defensive power, poise, and raises maximum equip load
  • Strength: Affects the ability to wield heavy weapons and boosts attack power for strength-scaling weapons
  • Dexterity: Governs the ability to wield advanced weapons, reduces spell casting time, softens fall damage, boosts attack power for dexterity-scaling weapons, and reduces the chance for you to be knocked off Elden Ring’s horse, Torrent
  • Intelligence: This stat governs the ability to perform Sorceries and boosts magic power and magic resistance
  • Faith: Faith affects the ability to perform Incantations and boosts Incantation power
  • Arcane: An attribute that governs the ability to discover more items from enemy corpses and affects select sorceries and Incantations, improving death resistance as well

All of these stats can be upgraded and changed at any time and each level up increases your overall level.

Elden Ring How To Level Up

In order to level up in Elden Ring, you will need to rest at a Site of Grace south of the Gatefront Ruins, which can be found in Limgrave on the way to Stormhill. 

From the menu, while resting at a Site of Grace, choose to ‘Level Up’ and select which stats you want to increase before confirming your choice.

These sites can be seen from a distance thanks to the slowing Grace guidance which directs you to their location.

That covers exactly how to level up in Elden Ring and which stats Elden Ring level ups affect. For more help with how to unlock systems in FromSoftware’s new RPG, check out our Elden Ring guide on how to unlock crafting.