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Elden Ring Oridys’ Rise three beasts riddle - how to solve

Arrived at Oridys' Rise and struggling to complete the objective? Here is how to solve Elden Ring's Oridys' Rise Three Beasts riddle

Elden RIng Oridys' Rise Three Beasts Riddle: The player can be seen standing in front of Oridys' Rise

If you are wandering around the Weeping Penninsula in the south of The Lands Between in Elden Ring, chances are you will come across Oridys’ Rise. Home to a riddle asking you to find three beasts, this challenge is actually harder to decipher than it might initially seem.

Elden Ring is home to many riddles, but Oridys’ Rise is one of the first ones you will come across as our recommended Elden Ring boss order suggests you head down to Castle Morne pretty early into the game. Oridys’ Rise can be found on the eastern cliffs in the Weeping Penninsula, at the very south of those cliffs. And, if you can solve the riddle you will get a pretty great reward.

So, read on to see the full Elden Ring Oridys’ Rise three beasts riddle solution, so you can move on and continue exploring Castle Morne.

Elden Ring Oridys’ Rise three beasts riddle

To solve the Oridys’ Rise three beasts riddle in Elden Ring, you will need to find three mystical tortoises which are all surrounding the building. They are located in the following places:

  • In front of the steps to Oridys’ Rise
  • Just next to the steps at Oridys’ Rise’s entrance
  • Behind Oridys’ Rise in the body of water

The thing that makes this hard is that the third tortoise, round the back of the building, is actually invisible. It does make splashes in the water, but if you are moving fast you likely won’t notice them.

The tortoise is in the middle of the pond, so all you need to do is ride next to it and slash your sword a few times to open up the door and gain access to a Memory Stone which is in the tower at the top.

That is the answer to the Oridys’ Rise Three Beasts riddle which can be found in the Weeping Penninsula. For more puzzle solutions, check out how to stop and enter the Walking Mausoleums and our Elden Ring walkthrough for even more guides and tips.