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How many bosses are in Elden Ring?

Want to know how many bosses are in Elden Ring? The short answer is 'a lot', but here we'll go into more detail about the number of bosses you'll face

Elden Ring how many bosses: Malenia can be seen putting on her helmet.

Elden Ring is full of bosses, which is to be expected as they are the main draw in any FromSoftware game. Littered throughout the open world and in dungeons, Elden Ring’s bosses range from challenging, excruciatingly difficult fights to some that are a lot easier than they have any right to be.

They’ll stomp and they’ll slam and they’ll stab you over and over, but it’s all part of the FromSoftware charm. After your third or fourth boss fight, you’ll probably be thinking to yourself: ‘Crikey, how many more of these have I got to defeat?’ The short answer, unfortunately, is ‘a lot’.

If you want to know more about the bosses in Elden Ring, you can check out our guide on the names and locations of each one. However, if you just want to know how many bosses are in Elden Ring, read on to see just how many FromSoftware has packed into the game.

How many bosses are in Elden Ring?

There is a grand total of 120 bosses in Elden Ring, ranging from easy to slay enemies to gargantuan beasts that will require hours of battling. That’s according to Fextralife’s Elden Ring wiki.

Elden Ring’s map size is extremely large, so it’s no wonder FromSoftware has managed to include so many bosses in the game.

There are countless bosses roaming the open world and even more in dungeons alongside the main story bosses that you’ll be required to take on.

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