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Elden Ring Pot Boy location - where to find Pot Boy

Trying to find the location of Pot Boy in Elden Ring? We're on hand to show you where to find this famous character - and tell you its actual name

Elden Ring Pot Boy Location: One of the pot creatures can be seen around a Site of Grace

Pot Boy became one of the stars of Elden Ring ahead of release after being showcased in a gameplay trailer for the game. This friendly fellow needs you to give him a good slap up the backside to free from the ground. But, where is Pot Boy’s location in Elden Ring?

Well, luckily Pot Boy is actually found quite early in the game if you are looking for him, hidden away in one of the corners of Limgrave. He is one of a number of NPCs scattered throughout the game and he has a multi-stage quest for you to complete that involves travelling down to the Caelid Wilds, which is a tricky area early on in the game.

So, continue reading for Pot Boy’s location in Elden Ring, where we will also tell you what his actual name is. Yes, Pot Boy is nothing more than an affectionate nickname. Although, it is far more memorable than his official title…

Elden Ring Pot Boy location

In Elden Ring, Pot Boy can be found in the northern section of Stormhill, in the far west. It is right next to the Saintsbridge Site of Grace.

Jump up on the hill south of the Site of Grace and you can find Pot Boy there and begin his questline, which will take you eastwards. You can either continue and do his quest now or come back later.

Elden Ring Pot Boy location: The location on the map is highlighted with a green circle


Oh, and while talking to him, he will reveal that his name is actually Iron Fist Alexander. So, maybe we can all call him Iron Fist Alexander from now on, showing him the respect he deserves and not defining him by his ceramic appearance. 

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