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Elden Ring classes - every confirmed class

Want to see what you can start your Elden Ring journey with? In this list of Elden Ring classes we'll talk you through all of your options in-game

Elden Ring Classes: The Prisoner class can be seen standing in a courtyard

The starting classes in FromSoftware’s recent collection of games have always been essential in deciding which way you want to tackle their brutally difficult stories. Elden Ring’s class list brings forth new and exciting entries to the pre-existing system whilst keeping the same structure. The classes themselves offer the player different attribute templates, with some classes being high in strength and vigor and others high in faith and arcane.

These builds give players a starting point to work towards their desired playstyle, making levelling up their favourite stats and tackling Elden Ring’s bosses as easy as possible. We now know what all the classes are in Elden Ring and they represent the most diverse visual set in any FromSoftware game, even if they do fit the gameplay formula.

Here are the Elden Ring classes that we know of so far and what to expect from each build.

Elden Ring Classes

All ten of Elden Ring’s classes have been revealed, and are as follows:

Elden Ring Classes: The Warrior can be seen in an artistic drawing of them.


The Warrior class in Elden Ring is your most approachable class and will definitely be the one most players go for. With high Endurance, Vigor, and significant starting stats for both Dexterity and Strength, the Warrior class is built for players who are looking to be flexible and find the best weapon in Elden Ring.

If you are trying the game for the first time, or one of FromSoftware’s games for the first time, then the Warrior will be the perfect place to start, especially since it gives players an early opportunity to flex their fanciest attacks.

Elden Ring Classes: A drawing of the Prophet can be seen



Perfect for players who want to stay as far away from the enemies as possible, the Prophet class will make incantation spells available with its focus on the faith attribute.

The Prophet is a much more specialised class and one for those who are familiar with FromSoftware’s games and want to specialise in Incantations for their playthrough.

Elden Ring Classes: The Hero can be seen in an artistic drawing of them.


The Hero’s stats are currently unknown and it isn’t clear what specialisations they will start with. From a glance at their model, it looks like this class could be the barbarian-style archetype for Elden Ring.

Therefore, we would expect the Hero to have a high Strength and Vigor, with low Arcane, Faith, and Intelligence. The strongest weapons will be clubs, greatswords and any other kind of brute force weapon.

Elden Ring Classes: The Vagabond class can be seen in an artistic drawing of them.


The Vagabond’s specialisation is weapons, weapons, weapons. Whether it is dexterity-based or strength-based, the Vagabond has one of the best starting stat spreads.

High Vigor and Endurance also mean that it will be the go-to choice for players looking for the best class in Elden Ring, as their doesn’t appear to be a better start than what the Vagabond offers.

Elden Ring Classes: The Prisoner class can be seen in an artistic drawing of them


The Prisoner is one of the most unique looking classes in the game and won’t be getting any of Elden Ring’s best weapons from the get-go.

The Prisoner’s stats are quite high all around, due to their desperation after being locked up. However, it has very little Faith or Arcane and you don’t start with any weapons, meaning you will be in for a tough opening few hours if you do choose the Prisoner.

Elden Ring Classes: The Bandit class can be seen in a dawing


The Bandit is another great starting class, with high Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Dexterity, and Arcane stats. It is focused around using weapons and equipment rather than Sorceries or Incantations.

The Bandit is a great all-around choice for those who are looking for a specialised version of the Hero. Pair the Bandit with a dexterity weapon and you will be a machine.

Elden Ring Classes: The Astrologer class can be seen in a drawing


The Astrologer is a high Intelligence and Mind class. Built for using weapon arts, the best Ashes of War in Elden Ring, and the many Sorceries in the game, the Astrologer is the class you want to choose if you are focusing on magic.

As such, the Astrologer is a highly specialised class and should only be picked if you truly want to commit to a full-on magic run through the game.

Elden Ring Classes: The Confessor can be seen in a drawing of them


The Confessor is a high Faith class that is built for wielding Incantations found throughout the game.

If you are looking to wield fire and use healing spells and restorative effects then the Confessor is the class you will want to choose at the beginning of the game.

Elden Ring Classes: The Samurai can be seen in a drawing of them


The Samurai is a high stat class all around. With some of the highest Dexterity, Strength, Vigor, Endurance, and Mind stats, they are a great choice for someone who wants to start off on the best possible foot build wise.

However, when it comes to items they begin with, you will be left significantly underpowered so you will want to find one of the best Elden Ring weapons as quickly as possible.

Elden Ring Classes: A drawing of the Wretch can be seen


The Wretch is Elden Ring’s class with absolutely nothing going for it. Starting off with no clothes, a lack of damaging weapons, and poor stats, you should only choose them if you want a real challenge.

New players should definitely steer clear of the Wretch. Instead, you can check out our other tips for new players in Elden Ring.

That covers the entire Elden Ring class list that we know of so far – there is certainly a class here to suit most people’s playstyle. For more information on the best Elden Ring class for beginners and the best Elden Ring class make sure to check out our other guides for the highly anticipated game.