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Elden Ring how to two-hand a weapon

Want to know how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring? Here is what you need to do to get more power out of your swords as you fight

Elden Ring how to two hand a weapon: The player can be seen swinging a sword at a knight

As with other FromSoftware games, if you are using one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, then you should be able to two-hand it, allowing you to deal more damage, but coming at the cost of being able to use your shield or an Art of War.

Two-handing a weapon can really enhance your abilities in combat with more damage output, enabling you to take down Elden Ring bosses quicker than if you were holding your sword in one hand. With large thrusts, swings, spins, and overhead attacks, two-handing a weapon can be key, especially when it comes to breaking the poise of beast enemies.

So, if you want to know how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring, read on through this guide for the exact button press you need to perform to get that much needed extra damage as you start out.

Elden Ring how to two-hand a weapon

To two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring all you have to do is hold down the Y button on Xbox or the Triangle button on PlayStation and then hit R1 or RB. You will grab your weapon with both hands, putting away your shield.

You can then return to your one-handed stance by holding down the Y or Triangle button once again. If you are on PC, you can check the keybinds in the menu for the right button.

So there you have it! A nice and easy guide on how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring. For more explanations of mechanics, check out our Equip Load explanation in Elden Ring and our Elden Ring walkthrough for other guides.