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The best Elden Ring dex weapons

Feel the need for speed? Get kitted up with some of the fastest weapons in the Lands Between with our best Elden Ring dex weapons guide

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: A character jumps while swiping a sword

Looking for the best Elden Ring dex weapons? Melee combat in FromSoftware’s Souls series has always served a battle between two sides: the heavy, high damage strength weapons, against the fast and skillful dexterity armaments. Many of these games’ more visually and mechanically complex weapons are found in the dexterity category, giving players the speed advantage – and the opportunity to look cool while doing so.

Like most things in Elden Ring, there are a significant number of great dex weapons to choose from to fit any situation, but only a handful can be truly called the best Elden Ring dex weapons and get you through the main golden path boss order in Elden Ring. With the game following the trend of making enemies quicker and quicker, often opting for a speedier weapon can allow you to get that extra hit in to make the difference.

So, if you’re wanting to find out what makes the cut in our list of the Elden Ring best dex weapons, read on to find out.


Here are the best dex weapons in Elden Ring: 

  • Bloodhound’s Fang
  • Dragon King’s Cragblade
  • Godskin Peeler
  • Hand of Malenia
  • Moonveil
  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword
  • Scorpion Stinger
  • Urumi

To get the best out of the above, we recommend applying the Keen affinity to all standard reinforcing weapons and having your dexterity stat high for the best possible scaling.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for bloodhounds fang


Much like Ghiza’s Wheel in our best Elden Ring strength weapons guide, Bloodhound’s Fang operates more as a Quality weapon than a sole dexterity one. However, it slices its way into this list on the basis of its increased scaling in dex as you upgrade it.

It is an outstanding early game option for those who chose our pick for the best Elden Ring class, as it can be acquired and equipped fairly quickly by following Blaidd’s questline. Although it is found so early and having relatively low entry requirements, Bloodhound’s Fang does huge damage and has a great moveset which can help you take down the hardest Elden Ring bosses.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for Dragon King's cragblade


One of the game’s hardest to find weapons, the Dragon King’s Cragblade is a reward for beating the hidden boss Dragonlord Placidusax in Crumbling Farum Azula. And a reward it certainly is, handily taking the mantle as one of the best Elden Ring dex weapons.

As a heavy thrusting sword it combines insane range, quick attacks, and fantastic damage to make an all-round exceptional tool. It also adds in lightning attacks as well for extra damage against enemy weak points. Oh, and it has an Ash of War that turns your Tarnished into a literal cloud of lightning that shoots towards the enemy; not bad, huh.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the mneu for godskin peeler


We’re fans of all of the twinblades here so any of them really could have made this list, but the Godskin Peeler stands out ever so slightly at the top.

Possessing an adjusted the ever-amazing moveset of the twinblades with the added jab of a pointy end, the Godskin Peeler rains down a flurry of consistent damage to any foe it touches. Applying the Keen affinity takes it to a wonderful A scaling in Dexterity, making it a strong choice even into the late game as you optimise your build fully.

The flexibility of it being a standard reinforcement as well allows you to apply any Ash of War to the weapon, meaning you could bring in some magic or lighting attacks for added range too.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for hand of malenia


Although the Dragon King’s Cragblade might be the hardest weapon to find on this list, the Hand of Malenia is definitely the toughest to actually obtain.

As the name suggests, it is the weapon wielded by Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who is arguably the hardest boss FromSoftware has ever conceived. Thus, as suitable compensation for overcoming her you are given what could be argued as the best dex weapon in Elden Ring. Insane damage, excellent range, bleed buildup, and a monstrous Ash of War all combine to create the ideal weapon for a pure Dexterity build.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for moonveil


The Hand of Malenia might be our choice for those with a pure Dexterity build, but the Moonveil emerged very quickly as one of the top meta weapons in the game for those willing to dabble a bit in Intelligence. Our own Elden Ring weapon tier list has put the weapon straight into the S tier for good reason, with the Ash of War being its main draw.

A magic arc that can be sent horizontally or vertically that does far more posture damage than it probably should firmly cements this one of the best Elden Ring dex weapons, and a fantastic option for keen PvP players. Don’t be surprised if this gets a hefty nerf in the near future though.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for morgotts cursed sword


With a similar moveset to Bloodhound’s Fang, Morgott’s Cursed Sword ups the ante by introducing arcane to the mix. Without the arcane it serves as a first-rate curved sword with high damage and commendable range, but its blood infusion really takes it to the next level.

It causes a high amount of bloodloss buildup that only gets better with increased arcane stats, and has a bloodflame Ash of War similar to that of its namesake which can tear through enemy HP. Additionally, it’s coated with a pearlescent type effect for style points – if you’re into that kind of thing of course.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for scorpion stinger


Found in the depths of the Lake of Rot, the Scorpion’s Stinger brings a toxic twist to the standard dagger. Imbued with the devastating scarlet rot status effect, this blade can be venomous if used correctly.

Once you attach the aforementioned disease to an enemy you can watch their health whittle away quicker than they can heal. While it thankfully doesn’t require any to wield, putting some points into Arcane and power-stancing this blade with the blood-charged Reduvia can be an absolute status-effect nightmare to anyone that is unlucky enough to encounter it.

Best Elden Ring dex weapons: the menu for urumi


The Urumi just sneaks into this list for two reasons: it’s one of the few weapons to achieve S scaling in dexterity meaning its damage goes through the roof, and also because whips are just really fun to use in Elden Ring.

This whip in question however is more of a floppy sword capable of straightening out for a deadly thrust attack when needed. Unlike many other dexterity based weapons the Urumi is capable of easily staggering foes, making stun locking your most hated invaders a piece of cake.

So, that finishes off our complete list of the best dex Elden Ring dex weapons, giving you a wide range of different playstyles to choose from.

Dexterity builds seem to be the meta at the moment for melee players due to the sheer speed of some bosses, but if you’re more inclined to hard hitting heavy weapons make sure to check out our best Elden Ring weapons guide to get fully kitted out. Otherwise, for more general tips and tricks on tackling the Lands Between don’t miss our Elden Ring walkthrough for everything you need to become Elden Lord.