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Elden Ring Alexander Quest Guide

Want a friendly pot boy in your life? Check out our guide for the Elden Ring Alexander Questline below so you can befriend the large ally

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Two living jars can be seen in a garden

Before FromSoftware’s mega-hyped Elden Ring came out there was only one thing on fans’ minds: Pot Boys. The mysterious-looking jar shaped creatures were one of the highlights of the Elden Ring Summer Games Fest gameplay trailer and continued to feature in previews after.

While the Soldjars (as they’re officially called) are scattered throughout the game’s frankly humongous map size, many of them are unfortunately hostile to the player as you push along the main boss order along Elden Ring’s golden path. Fortunately though, one of Elden Ring’s best quests concerns a Pot Boy, and it is one of the earliest you can find in the game. Alexander the Iron Fist is your friendly neighbourhood Pot Boy, looking for a bit of help to continue his journey.

So, want to find out how to progress and complete the Elden Ring Alexander quest? Make sure to read on below, and follow our step by step guide so you don’t miss a single thing.


Unlike a couple of the other NPC questlines in Elden Ring, the Elden Ring Alexander questline is fairly straightforward and can be split into location-based sections:

  • Limgrave
  • Gael Tunnel
  • Redmane Castle
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Seethewater Terminus
  • Crumbling Farum Azula

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

Alexander’s questline begins in northern Limgrave, just before Saintsbridge, where you will hear him shouting for help when passing by. Head up onto the cliff tops and you will see Alexander unceremoniously stuck in the earth.

Pick the dialogue option offering to help him out, and then head to his backside and give it a good old whack. It will take a couple of hits – and you might think that you’ve not got a big enough weapon – but just keep spamming charged heavy attacks and he will spring out of there in no time. Chat with him to send him to the next stage of his quest.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

The second encounter is within Gael Tunnel. You can find this either through the rear entrance in east Limgrave past Summonwater or at the end of Gael Tunnel in Caelid Wilds.

If entering through the rear entrance, you will find Alexander in a pickle as he is once again stuck, but at a dead end this time. To open the door which grants him passage into Caelid, head to the actual Gael Tunnel entrance and run through the dungeon until you reach the Magma Wyrm boss fight. Just beyond the boss gate, you will find the door which can now be opened.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

You will then find Alexander standing in the Redmane Castle main plaza before the festival commences. Make sure to speak to Alexander before you begin the fight with Starscourge Radahn, and then summon him when in the boss arena. It does not matter whether he dies or not during the fight so don’t worry.

Once you have overcome General Radahn, head to the Site of Lost Grace in the arena and you will see Alexander kneeling in the sand. Speak to Alexander once again and he will hint towards the two of you meeting once again.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

Make sure you’re well equipped with oil pots for the next step as Alexander is stuck in the ground, once again. In Liurnia of the Lakes, just south of Carian Study Hall, you’ll find Alexander in need of a hand. The difference is that this time he’s really stuck, so needs you to throw something slippery to aid in the process – that’s where you use the oil pot.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

The penultimate location for the Elden Ring Alexander questline is in the giant pool of lava adjacent to Seethewater Terminus, in the eastern section of Mt Gelmir. Alexander can be found proudly standing at the back of the lava, but be careful as there is a Magma Wyrm boss here that can be quite tricky to deal with.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

Finally, Alexander’s quest ends in the late-game area, Crumbling Farum Azula, where he will have a surprising request waiting for you. This part does require two Stonesword Keys though so make sure to stock up beforehand with some our list of early game Stonesword key locations. You will find the dual imp statue the keys are needed for about halfway through the level in the map location above.

Elden Ring Alexander Quest: Alexander's location is shown on the map

Then, once you have activated the statue and taken the lift down, hug the path round to the right and jump across several of the fallen buildings and you will reach Alexander clearly standing on one of the larger floating platforms.

There you have it, that’s how to complete the Elden Ring Alexander questline. If you are hungry for more NPC quest guides make sure to follow along with our guides on Fia’s quest, or Rogier’s quest. And make sure to check out our Elden Ring walkthrough for a whole suite of tips and tricks to get you through the Lands Between.