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The best Elden Ring strength weapons

If you're looking for the hardest hitting weapon in all of the Lands Between, look no futher - here are the best Elden Ring strength weapons

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: A character on a horse swings a giant greatsword

No matter what game you play, there will always be very few things that are cooler than a big sword. Luckily, FromSoftware’s latest game Elden Ring has plenty to choose from, with many of them fighting for the title of the best Elden Ring strength weapon.

A lot of the weapons on this list boast some of the highest pure attack power in the game, and while their DPS might be beat by some of the quicker weapons, they remain champions on a hit-by-hit basis. With a lot of the Elden Ring bosses giving players only marginal attack windows, sometimes a single humongous hit can be what powers you through to victory. We recommend applying a heavy affinity to all of the standard reinforcing weapons in this list to maximise the strength scaling. Furthermore, if using these Elden Ring strength weapons two-handed, cap out your strength at 66 to bring the weapon to its fullest potential.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to bash your way through the Lands Between and complete the main boss order in Elden Ring, read on for our list of the Elden Ring best strength weapons.


Here is what we have found to be the best Elden Ring strength weapons so far:

  • Greatsword
  • Ghiza’s Wheel
  • Great Club
  • Ordovis’s Greatsword
  • Prelate’s Inferno Crozier
  • Ruins Greatsword
  • Giant-Crusher

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for the greatsword


Drawing inspiration from the manga Berserk, this weapon stands out as one of Elden Ring’s best weapons. Plain in the name and plain in the game, the Greatsword does – and is – exactly what it says on the tin. It’s simply a big sword that hits even bigger and what more could you want than that?

Beyond the basics however, it is a reliably exceptional weapon with the fourth highest attack rating in the game. Furthermore, when paired with the Lion’s Claw Ash of War you’ll be able to tear through enemy posture like paper. The Greatsword can be found in a caravan in Caelid, just northwest of the Caelim Ruins Site of Grace.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for ghiza's wheel


Flashbacks to Bloodborne’s immensely fun Whirligig Saw can be found with Ghiza’s Wheel – a similarly pizza cutter-esque behemoth. Although it can be geared more towards a quality build rather than full strength, it is unmistakably the perfect tool for strength-favouring players. It hits like an absolute truck, falling onto unsuspecting foes with its full weight, and has a decently varied move set too.

Even better is the pre-locked Ash of War, which – as the Spinning Wheel name suggests – quickly rotates the wheel-blade at the top like the world’s most dangerous lawnmower. On top of all of this it does bleed damage which is super meta in Elden Ring right now.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for giant club


Who doesn’t enjoy a big club? The Tarnished can return to their caveman roots with what has always been a staple strength weapon in previous Souls games. Much like the Golem’s Halberd there isn’t much going on here in terms of design or move set but it can smack any enemy down and is so much fun to use.

The eventual A scaling in strength allows you to take this all the way to the endgame if you want to, and sometimes that’s all you’ll want to do. You can find this chunk of wood after beating the boss at the end of Old Altus Tunnel.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for ordovis' greatsword


Any seasoned Tarnished will encounter the merciless Crucible Knights many times throughout their playthrough and become envious of their magnificent greatsword. Luckily you can get your hands on the well feared weapon and it is as good in your hands as it is against you.

Unlike all of the other weapons on this list, Ordovis’s Greatsword is best wielded one handed, meaning you can use your free hand for something like a finger seal – taking advantage of the points you’ll have to put in Faith. Combine the Art of War Ordovis’s Vortex with the Aspects of the Crucible: Tail incantation and you’ll be cosplaying as a Crucible Knight in no time.

Unfortunately the only way to get this sword is by defeating the boss at the end of Auriza Hero’s Grave, one of the most challenging and rage-inducing dungeons in the entire game. It is definitely worth it though, so good luck.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for Prelate's inferno crozier


What more could a greathammer need than some added heat? Wielded by the Smough-like lava enemies, Prelate’s Inferno Crozier evokes the exact fiery blaze that its name suggests. Not only are the attacks embossed by flame, the Art of War and charged attack leaves a trail of fire on the ground that even a delorean would be proud of.

It would be a strong weapon without the fire damage, but any status effect added can be the marginal difference maker that wins you the toughest fights. It can be won from its wielder in Fort Laiedd just west of Seethewater Terminus.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for Ruin's Greatsword


Boasting a rather rare S strength scaling at the end of its upgrade path, the Ruins Greatsword is an optimal choice for strength obsessed players. It is unmistakably a fragment of a ruined building, and it holds the weight of one when falling down onto an enemy. It does require a small amount of Intelligence to meet the minimum requirements, but that is because the Art of War and charged are imbued with magic and act as ranged attacks with huge stagger potential.

For a colossal weapon in name and stature it affords a great amount of versatility in approaching most enemy types, making it more than worthy of being one of the best strength weapons in Elden Ring.

Best Elden Ring strength weapons: the menu for the giant crusher


Suitably, the highest attack rating possible in the game sources from a weapon called Giant-Crusher. With a ridiculous strength requirement of 60, the Giant-Crusher is truly an endgame weapon – especially for those obsessed with getting the highest numbers. It features what is probably the coolest R2 in the game, where your Tarnished does a somersault slam for massive damage, and added style points of course.

Furthermore, it can make new game plus playthroughs a treat with the option to power-stance this weapon for even more damage – as if you didn’t do enough already.

That rounds out our list of the best Elden Ring strength weapons. Pick any one of these and you’ll be able to veritably slam dunk most enemies in the game – or at least get the odd riposte in.

If big sticks aren’t quite your cup of tea however, make sure to check out our best Elden Ring dex weapons guide for all the strongest tools on the faster side of things – it’ll help taking down the big beasties, especially if you follow our Elden Ring boss order guide.