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Saints Row walkthrough, guides, and more

Are you looking for guides and helpful information about Saints Row? Look no further as you can find everything you need in this Saints Row walkthrough

Saints Row walkthrough: Eli, The Boss, Neenah, and Kevin can be seen on a road in Santo Ileso with a bunch of cars

Want to know everything there is to know about the reboot of Saints Row and all the tips that can help you succeed? Well, this article is our complete and thorough Saints Row walkthrough which is packed with tips, tricks, and useful information to help you do everything in the game.

Whether you want some general information about the game like what features it has or how long it is or more detailed guides on what you can expect, this article is packed with all of that and more.

So, read on below for our Saints Row walkthrough which covers everything you need to know to ensure you build a thriving criminal empire.

Saints Row Walkthrough

Our Saints Row walkthrough is packed with useful information from details on the characters, missions, vehicles and weapons, upgrades, skills, activities, and collectibles.

You can find all of those guides below with links to each one so you have everything you need as you conquer Santo Ileso.

Saints Row Walkthrough: Eli, Kevin, and Neenah can be seen riding in a car

General tips and information

This first section of our Saints Row walkthrough is all about basic tips and information you need to know when starting the game!

Saints Row Walkthrough: Two characters can be seen in a shop

Character creation, weapons, vehicles, skills, perks, and more

This section of our walkthrough covers everything you need to know about weapons, vehicles, skills, perks, character creation and customisation.

Saints Row Walkthrough: The Boss can be seen shooting a helicopter

Main objectives and criminal ventures

Our main objectives guide focuses on the core story missions. We also go in-depth on each of the criminal ventures and how they work.

Saints Row Walkthrough: Multiple people can be seen on a side road by a car.

Side activities and collectibles

Our guides on the side objectives and collectibles in Saints Row cover some of the activities you can complete in the world and the various items and discoveries you can find and complete.

There you have it. That is all of our Saints Row guides summarised in this article. For more on the game, check out what we thought in our Saints Row review.