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Saints Row challenges - all activities and how they work

Want to know how the Saints Row challenges work? Here's what the challenges are and how to complete them in the reboot of the open world gangster game

saints row challenges two enemies in a nightclub wearing robot masks

As if Saints Row didn’t already have enough to do, we’re now going to be looking at the Saints Row challenges, how they work, and what you get for completing them.

Yes, the latest iteration of the series takes place in a new location, and that might be off-putting to some, but you can be assured it has the same wacky antics and open-world tasks from the previous games are back and there are some nice rewards for completing them.

Below you can find all the Saints Row challenges, what they are, how you complete them, and all the shiny rewards you get for doing so. This will allow you to fully complete the game and also allows you to earn XP fast in the game.

Saints Row challenges

In Saints Row, there are a number of challenges that offer rewards. These challenges occur across the entire map and have you complete small tasks or reach certain goals. The full list of challenges in Saints Row and they are as follows:

  • The Collective (1 challenge): Kill the Collective – reward = 1125 XP
  • The Tourist (2 challenges): Make a purchase at an outdoor shop, Find and Start a Hidden History – reward = 1125 XP
  • Target Practice (2 challenges): Find and start a Shooting Gallery, Headshot kill 15 enemies – reward = 1125 XP
  • Lost Wheels (2 challenges): Carjack 5 vehicles, Investigate a pinwheel in the desert – reward = 1125 XP
  • Fashionable (3 challenges): Buy a hat, Buy a shirt, Buy a pair of pants – reward = 1125 XP
  • Shots Fired (2 challenges): Take a Photo Hunt picture, Find an HQ collectible – reward = 1125 XP
  • I Know A Shortcut (2 challenges): Unlock a Fast Travel location, Discover five new districts – reward = 1125 XP
  • Arm Yourself (3 challenges): Obtain an Idol Life pistol, Obtain an MDI-77 Auto Rifle, Obtain a Sawed-Off Shotgun – reward = 1125 XP
  • It’s A Living (3 challenges): Complete a Crime of Opportunity, Rob an armoured car, Find two items in a dumpster – reward = 1125 XP
  • Off-Roading (2 challenges): Equip a vehicle with an off-road kit, Drift for 60 seconds in the Badlands South – reward = 1125 XP
  • Close Call (2 challenges): Drive into oncoming traffic for 120 seconds, Get near misses in a vehicle 20 times – reward = 1125 XP
  • You Are Already Dead (2 challenges): Perform takedowns on ten enemies, melee kill 15 enemies – reward = 1125 XP
  • Nice Shootin’ Tex (2 challenges): Headshot kill 30 enemies, Groinshot kill 15 enemies – reward = 1125 XP
  • Sightseer (2 challenges): Travel 1,000 meters on foot, Drive 10,000 meters – reward = 1125 XP
  • The Traveler (2 challenges): Travel on foot for 5,000 meters, Drive 30,000 meters – reward = 1125 XP
  • Disturb The Peace (3 challenges): Get two-star Panteros notoriety, get two-star Marshall notoriety, Get two-star Idol notoriety – reward = 1125 XP
  • Fight Fire With Fire (3 challenges): Kill 15 Idols with an Idol Lite Pistol, Kill 15 Idols with an MDI-77 Auto Rifle, Kill 15 Panteros with a sawed-off shotgun – reward = 1125 XP
  • Take Care Of Business (3 challenges): Melee kill a Gigante, Kill a Wrangler with the MDI-85 Carbine, Perform a takedown on a Raver – reward = 1125 XP
  • Van Vandal (3 challenges): Carjack a Barracas, Carjack a Sojourn, Carjack a Porter – reward = 1125 XP
  • Wreckless Driving (3 challenges): Sideswipe 20 vehicles, T-bone vehicles, Read-end 15 vehicles – reward = 1125 XP
  • Hope You’re Insured (2 challenges): Put a dent in a Raycaster, Kill a Marshall with an ambulance – reward = 1125 XP
  • Finish ‘Em! (3 challenges): Perform 15 takedowns on Panteros, Perform 15 takedowns on Idols, Perform 15 takedowns on Marshall – reward = 1125 XP
  • The Tourist (2 challenges): Make a purchase at an outdoor shop, Find and Start a Hidden History – reward = 1125 XP
  • JimRob’s (3 challenges): Equip three vehicles with an off-road kit, Store ten vehicles in your garage, Equip three vehicles with a boost – reward = 1125 XP
  • Chalupacabra (3 challenges): Get airtime with Sammy’s food truck, Drift in Twisty’s food truck, Sideswipe vehicles with Weenie’s food truck – reward = 1125 XP
  • Shady Oaks (3 challenges): Ragdoll a distance of 5,000 meters, bounce boost off of 30 people, Revive 20 allies – reward = 1125 XP
  • Castle Kraken (3 challenges): Wear a Dustlander outfit, Defeat 30 Dustlanders, Kill 30 enemies with a Dustlander Sword – reward = 1125 XP

Challenges are used as a way to supplement whatever main or side story mission you are doing with extra rewards. You’ll gain XP and money for completing these challenges, and can often be completed easily as you go about your daily life of mayhem in Santo Illeso and while finishing other activities dotted around the vast desert map.

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