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Saints Row perks - all the upgrades you can unlock

Want to know all about the Saints Row perks you can unlock in-game? You’re in the right place; here are all the upgrades you can get in this open world game

Saints Row perks: an image of a woman holding a rocket launcher

The Saints Row reboot is here and it introduces small upgrades and buffs in the prom of perks. And if you are wanting a better explanation of what you can expect from the new upgrade system, look no further than well, right here. This article will cover the Saints Row perks with details on each one available.

In Saints Row, perks are best described as passive upgrades you will be able to earn and unlock for your character. The perks in Saints Row are all unlocked as you complete the Saints Row challenges.

With up to five perk slots to fill, ranging from Minor to Elite, there’s going to be plenty of room to improve your Saints Row character as you explore Santo Ileso. That should allow you to really form a build based around the best perks in Saints Row.

Saints Row perks

Perks are unlocked in Saints Row by completing the game’s vast library of challenges and you have two slots available for Minor and Major perks, with another slot for an Elite perk. Minor perks are unlocked for completing the first mission and $10,000. Major perks are unlocked for $25,000 and $100,00. The Elite perk will cost $250,000 to unlock

The perks in Saints Row are as follows:

  • Close Call – The vehicle you’re driving gains more boost time when you have a near miss (minor perk)
  • Dead Eye – After you get a headshot kill, your reload speed increases (minor perk)
  • Death Race – When you’re close to death, you can run a lot faster (minor perk)
  • Fire Resistant – You stay in control while on fire and take less fire damage (minor perk)
  • Gunslinger – You can shoot from the hip more accurately (minor perk)
  • In The Flow – You never lose flow except when you perform a skill (minor perk)
  • Loot Grab – You automatically pull in nearby cash and ammo (minor perk)
  • Shock Tactics – Taze enemies who hit you with a melee attack. This perk has a cooldown (minor perk)
  • Sneak Attack – You do more damage when you attack enemies from behind (minor perk)
  • Tactical Training – You move faster when crouching and when using fine aim (minor perk)
  • Full Contact – Reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you kick an enemy then kill them (major perk)
  • On The Down Low – All actions generate less notoriety (major perk)
  • Scavenger – You collect more rounds when you pick up an ammo box (major perk)

This list is partially full right now as we still have more perks to unlock. This guide will be updated with more information when we have a look at the rest of the perks in the game.

Well, that’s all there is to say about the perks in Saints Row. For more help with the game’s systems, check out our other vast selection of guides in our Saints Row walkthrough.