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Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo missions and location guide

Looking for a rundown of Saints Row's Wuzyerz Repo missions and location? This article covers all you need to know about the tow-trucking criminal venture

Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo Mission Location: The repo can be seen

One of the middle-tier of criminal ventures in Saints Row you can unlock is Wuzyerz Repo, a criminal repossession business that brings in everything you can think of from the illegal to the expensive. But, if you are wanting to get a tow truck in Saints Row, or some of the rewards from the venture, you will need a thorough Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo mission and location guide to help you out.

This article will do just that covering the rewards you get for completing the venture, as well as each mission within the chain.

Below, you can find those Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo missions and location of the venture, so you can begin stealing people’s stuff and making money off of it. A true Saint in the making!

Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo missions and location

The Wuzyerz Repo venture in Saints Row can be built once you have reached criminal empire rank 2. It doesn’t matter where you choose to put the venture, but it will cost you a pretty penny at $100,000.

To reach criminal empire rank 2, you just need to complete the main story mission Drawing Heat. Wuzyerz Repo’s missions ask you to drive around to a number of locations and pick up items to bring back to be repossessed. They are:

  • Bank vault repossession
  • Speedboat repossession
  • Weapon repossession
  • Weapon repossession II
  • Engine repossession
  • Fire engine repossession
  • Fireworks repossession
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district

As you can see there are a good half-a-dozen vehicles for you to get, along with the usual bonus mission for all the other ventures. Once at the item you need to repossess in a tow truck, hit the shoulder button on your controller to show the towing guide and attach the cable when the guide is green. From there, drive back to the repo centre wherever it is on your map.

The rewards for completing each stage of this mission chain are:

  • Bank vault repossession – XP, cash
  • Speedboat repossession – XP, cash
  • Weapon repossession – XP, cash
  • Weapon repossession II – XP, cash
  • Engine repossession – XP, cash
  • Fire engine repossession – XP, cash
  • Fireworks repossession – XP, cash
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district – venture income increase, XP

Once all of these missions are complete, go back to the manager of the repo to get the following rewards: XP, cash, Wuzyerz Crew Outfits, Wuezyerz Thompson, Wuzyerz Tow Truck, the Miami vehicle, and the Wuzyerz Repo Yard collectible location.

That is everything to do with the Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo missions and location for where you should place the venture. Overall, this is one of the less enjoyable ventures, as you have to drive a tow truck around, which isn’t particularly fast. But if you are looking for help with some of the more fun missions and ventures, check out our Saints Row walkthrough.