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Saints Row tow truck location - where to get a tow truck

Want to cause unparalled levels of destruction in Saints Row? To do that you will need to get a tow truck and the easiest to find tow truck location

Saints Row Tow Truck Location: The tow truck can be seen in the menu

Quite early on in the main story of Saints Row, you are given a taste of the carnage you can cause by towing something behind your vehicle. But, after that mission is over, you may be wondering where is the nearest or easiest to find tow truck location in Saints Row, so you can continue the carnage.

Thankfully, grabbing a tow truck isn’t a hugely difficult task, but you will need to focus on the story if you don’t want to spend your time searching around Santo Ileso.

Below, you can find out the easiest tow truck location in Saints Row, early on in the game, so you bring the gangs of Santo Ileso to the ground. Or, you can just steal their vehicles as well.

Saints Row tow truck location

The first and easiest place to get a tow truck in Saints Row is to build the Wuzyerz Repo criminal venture which is unlocked once your criminal empire reaches rank 2.

In the Repo parking lot, you will find a tow truck which you can take back to JimRob’s or the Church and add to your collection. Completing the full chain of missions in the venture will also get you another version of the Shaft tow truck.

Once you have it, you can take the vehicle out, attach objects to the line and go and cause mayhem and destruction around Santo Ileso. You can occasionally find one out in the world, but that is much harder than just doing this mission chain.

Now you know the easiest-to-find tow truck location in Saints Row, be sure to check out our other guides on the game in our Saints Row walkthrough.