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Saints Row reboot gangs and factions guide

Want an overview of all the Saints Row reboot gangs and the individual factions you will meet? Well, here is an overview of the four main gans in Santo Ileso

Saints Row Gangs: The Idols can be seen.

As a reboot, Saints Row is bringing a whole new set of gangs for you to kill, murder, and slowly bring down as you work your way towards running Santo Ileso. These new gangs fit the world of this reboot, offer their own unique styles and lore, and have their own unique combatants that you will have to fight against. But, who are these Saints Row reboot gangs?

The factions in the game are introduced throughout the main campaign and each one of the Saints actually begins the game as a part of the factions. The Boss (which is you) is a part of Marshall Defense Technologies, while Neenah works for the Los Panteros. Eli and Kevin, however, are allied with the Idols.

But before you set up the Saints properly, you will want to know about all the Saints Row reboot gangs so you can prepare for what you will be up against.

Saints Row Gangs

There are three main gangs in Saints Row. Their backstories and lore are as follows:

Saints Row Gangs: Multiple members of Marshall can be seen in the street with heavy weaponry and vehicles

Marshall Defense Technologies

The Marshall Defense Technologies gang is the first you are introduced to in the game as, well, you work for them. But, after a job goes wrong they are no longer your ally. They are equipped with a wide variety of vehicles including a hoverbike and large trucks. Weaponry is based on classic weapons and vehicles and they overall have a military aesthetic but the money from their contracts has allowed them to modernise the technology with all kinds of futuristic gadgets.

The gang have government contracts across the globe and is a part of the military-industrial complex. They complete black-ops operations, war crimes, and various other stealthy acts of violence that offer them a paycheck.

Saints Row Gangs: The Los Panteros can be seen in a hazy dusty village with a large truck

Los Panteros

The Los Panteros are the original kings of Santo Ileso. A homegrown group of criminals, they are dirty and unorthodox with their attacks and crimes. The city, streets, and countryside of Santo Ileso are their home and they drive around the town and countryside threatening everyone else who is on their turf.

They use a large variety of explosives and large vehicles to cause havoc throughout Santo Ileso and are masters of melee attacks up close as well as causing destruction. The gang structure works not too different from other gangs and groups like the Mafia and Yakuza.

Saints Row Gangs: The Idols can be seen overlooking a balcony

The Idols

The Idols are the most modern of all the gangs in Saints Row, unshackled from either their past or their roots in Santo Ileso. They are intent on breaking the system and bringing it down: socially, politically, culturally, and economically. Santo Illeso is their playground where they choose to bring that system down.

They use a significant variety of weapons, including glowsticks that deflect explosives and bullets, large karts to destroy the landscape and buildings, and a variety of motorbikes for quick crimes and even quicker escapes. All of this is done with neon masks to hide their identity and ensure the Idol Collective remains hidden.

And then, of course, finally you have the Saints. The Saints which you will be building up and growing throughout the main story. They aren’t one of the main opposing factions you face in the game so they aren’t included here but they are undoubtedly one of the gangs in Santo Ileso and arguably the most important to the overall game.

So there are all the Saints Row reboot gangs. For more on the game’s story and characters, check out our rundown of all the Saints Row characters that are a part of the main gang. We also have a rundown of how co-op works so you can play with your friends.