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Saints Row missions and quest list

Heading back into Saints Row and looking for the full mission list to see all the activities you can tackle in the wacky gangster game's open world of mayhem?

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Gather your gang of googly-eyed misfits because Saints Row is back, baby. If you can stop giggling at the character physics when you bash your friend over the head with a rubber bat, then you might have time to complete some of the activities seen in the Saints Row mission list.

Maybe you just want to see the full Saints Row mission and quest list just because you can, or maybe you want to see how many quests you have left before the credits roll on the main story. Either way, this guide will cover those core story missions which are essential to completing the main campaign. Side activities and more won’t be here, but you can find them in our overview of the Saints Row Threats and Side Hustles.

Below you can find a comprehensive list of all the core missions that make up the backbone of this new rebooted Saints Row.

Saints Row missions and quest list

Saints Row is chock full of activities and missions to complete in Santo Ileso. Here is a full Saints Row mission list, with all quests accounted for in the main story as well as the extra quests you get when expanding your empire:

  • Challenge Yourself
  • First F#@!ing Day
  • Morning Commute
  • Making Rent
  • Observe and Report
  • A Piece of the Action
  • The Peter Principle
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Take Me To Church
  • Office Decor
  • Networking
  • Neenah’s Car
  • Idol Threat
  • The Forge
  • Aggressive Recruiting
  • The Frontier
  • Donut Run
  • Corporate Retreat
  • The Great Train Robbery
  • Going Overboard
  • Non-Compete Clause
  • Severance Package
  • After Party
  • High Noon
  • Showdown
  • Drawing Heat
  • Body of Evidence
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop
  • Let’s Build A Skyscraper

Of course, there are way more missions in Santo Ileso than this, but these are the core ones that will get you through the main campaign. There are lengthy mission chains tied to each of the criminal ventures as well.

So, now you know the Saints Row mission list, why don’t you get on and into the experience and check out our suggestions for how to be as powerful as you can be with our list of the best skills and best weapons in the game. More guides can be found in our Saints Row walkthrough as well.