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Saints Row best skills to cause mayhem in Santo Ileso

Want to have the best build possible in Saints Row? Here are some suggestions for the best skills in Saints Row to help you create that best build

Saints Row Best Skills: The Boss can be seen shooting an Idol

Saints Row‘s reboot is the first game in the series to really offer a wide selection of skills, beyond the powers you got in Saints Row 4. But, most of these skills are unfortunately more forgettable than they are fun to use, which is why we have put together this list of the best skills in Saints Row.

A lot of the skills in Saints Row really feel like they don’t add much to your build, but there are a few real standouts that are worth always having in your skill wheel. Some of these are unlocked towards the end of the tree, but a few are obtained rather early on, as well.

Check out our recommendations for the best skills in Saints Row below.

Saints Row best skills

You are able to select four skills to use at any time in Saints Row, but we have five recommendations for the best skills in Saints Row:

Saints Row Best Skills: A character can be seen shooting some enemies

Pineapple Express

The first best skill in Saints Row is Pineapple Express, yes the first skill you get. While it requires a bit of practice to properly aim the enemy you throw, the skill remains an absolute must-have throughout the entire game.

It is able to not only eliminate an enemy but take out whole groups or even stagger mini-bosses or more powerful units, to save you from being pinned by them.

Tough Mother

Tough Mother is probably the most useful skill in the skill tree. This skill gives you a temporary health boost when activated, allowing you to absorb more damage and avoid having to do a takedown as often to heal.

An extra bonus with this skill is that it allows you to run up to your enemies and either pair it with a string of melee attacks, or one of the later skills in the tree, like Quick Draw or D4th Blossom.


Transfusion is a co-op-focused version of Tough Mother. Instead of granting you extra armour, it will heal you and your co-op partner when active.

This can be super useful when playing through the game in co-op, but if alone Tough Mother is a stronger version of this perk.

Saints Row Best Skills: The Boss can be seen surrounded by Marshall soldiers.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw is the first skill late in the tree we recommend. Activating it allows you to pull out a powerful revolver which autotargets up to four enemies.

Hitting the trigger quickly will cause you to headshot a group of enemies in front of your killing them almost instantly. It’s super powerful and can make light work of some of the tougher combatants that are a part of the gangs in Saints Row.

D4th Blossom

D4th Blossom is the final skill you unlock in the game that isn’t just a basic buff to your stats. This basically turns you into Spider-Man, as you flip about for a few seconds and fire your weapons in any direction.

It only really works effectively when in a group of enemies, but by the time you get this in the campaign, you should be able to drop enemies in the blink of an eye with this skill.

There you have it, a selection of the best skills in Saints Row that you probably want to be using at all times if possible. For more help with some of the best items and cars in the game, check out our guides on the best weapons and best vehicles and cars in Saints Row in our Saints Row walkthrough.