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Saints Row best weapons – the strongest guns to use

Want to improve your killing skills? Here are our suggestions for the best weapons in Saints Row which you should always have in your arsenal

Saints Row Best Weapons: The player can be seen shooting some enemies on a hood of a car

When it comes to the new Saints Row game, the collection of weapons available is bigger – and quite possibly better – than before. But, what are the best Saints Row weapons available? Well, that is the question – and we can answer it.

In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the strongest guns and weapons in the game – things that can really make light work of your enemies.  It should go without saying, but you’re really going to want to have at least one or two of these in your arsenal at all times to bring an end to the Los Panteros, Idols, Police, or Marshall troops quickly.

Saints Row best weapons and guns

Alright, Saints, let’s see what we have here. Without further ado, here are our seven choices for the best weapons in Saints Row:

Saints Row Best Weapons: The AR-55 Burst Rifle can be seen in the menu

AR-55 Burst Rifle – best rifle

The AR-55 is an incredible accurate weapon in Saints Row and can be your go-to for almost any combat scenario. It is capable at close range with its deadly bursts and from a distance can be used to pick-off enemies who are sniping at you from afar.

With some nice upgrades and the signature ability allowing you to do more damage to vehicles and dynamic objects, it is the most reliable weapon in the game.

Saints Row Best Weapons: The TEK SMG can be seen in the menu

TEK Z-10 SMG – best SMG

SMGs have a lot of downsides in Saints Row, as they always have in the franchise. But, the TEK Z-10 SMG is the most accurate of the easy-to-grab SMGs in the game. It is great up close when you are in amongst a large group of enemies and its accurate aiming can drop targets quickly.

With significant upgrades available to its power, its signature ability can also cause bleed and stun enemies. Who wouldn’t want that?

Saints Row Best Weapons: The MDI shotgun can be seen in the menu

MDI-50 Tac Shotgun – best shotgun

Shotguns are a bit of a personal preference in this latest version of Saints Row. But, we found the MDI-50 Tac Shotgun to be by far the easiest to use due to its fast fire rate.

That fast fire rate can drop enemies with just one or two headshots and its signature ability pairs nicely with the TEK Z-10 as it can stun and electrify targets.

Saints Row Best Weapons: The AT Rocket Launcher can be seen in the menu

AT Rocket Launcher – best big gun

When it comes to big guns in Saints Row, there’s only one weapon you really need to worry about. That weapon is the AT Rocket Launcher.

This behemoth is packed with a magazine of four rockets and can take out some vehicles in just one or two hits. The upgrades for it, which allow you to control a rocket’s flight are also invaluable, especially if you want to destroy a car from a distance or a helicopter or Marshall jet.

Saints Row Best Weapons: The TOGO-13 Sniper can be seen in the menu

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle – best Special weapon

The special weapons in Saints Row are very situational. And, you won’t ever be relying on them. But, when you need it, the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle is the better of the options.

This pairs along nicely with the rifle recommendation above and help you cover the longer distances in a firefight. Nice, snappy lock-on aiming also gives this weapon a boost to your arsenal. Its signature ability will give you more ammo when you land headshots which is super useful as special ammo is rare on the Santo Ileso streets.

Saints Row Best Weapons: The Kobra pistol can be seen in the menu

KA-1 Kobra Pistol – best pistol 

The best pistol in the game is actually the one you get right from the beginning. With fast reloads and snappy aiming it is a trusty reliable backup. It might not do the best damage but upgrades can help with that.

Its signature ability is also a great way to keep yourself stocked up on ammo for it as a headshot will automatically refill the magazine.

Saints Row Best Weapons: The Smelterville Slugger can be seen in the menu

Smelterville Slugger – best melee weapon

Finally, what would a Saints Row game be without a melee weapon? And, while, there might not be a penetrator, the Smelterville Slugger is a great part of your arsenal.

Melee weapons aren’t the most useful in this reboot, but the ability to fling people into the air once the Slugger’s signature ability is unlocked is nice.

These choices are still early picks for the best weapons in the game as we are still making our way through and discovering everything in Santo Ileso. But, we will update this article in the coming days if any of our recommendations change.

That covers all of our recommendations for the best weapons in Saints Row. If you want some other guides to create a perfect build for your boss, check out our best skills guide and best vehicles guide which are in our detailed Saints Row walkthrough.