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Saints Row Threats guide

Saints Row Threats: what are they, where can you find them, and how do they work? Here's an overview of everything you need to know about this side activity

Saints Row Threats: The Boss can be seen being aimed at by four Marshall soldiers

Threats are one of the most simple activities in Saints Row. In reality, they are simply small pockets of enemies and a similar activity could be found in previous games in the series. But, who will come at you when engaging in Saints Row Threats activities? How many enemies will you face? Are some Threat activities harder than others?

This article will answer all of your questions regarding this activity as you fight and try to survive against the various gangs in Saints Row. Each district across the Saints Row map has a good couple of Threat activities scattered across it, so if you are really hungering for some combat, Saints Row has a lot of opportunities to do just that.

Continue reading through this article for an overview of the Saints Row Threats activities in Santo Ileso.

Saints Row Threats

Threats in Saints Row are denoted by the Red diamond on the map and the brass knuckles icon. Each of these locations will have a different gang or faction in the city for you to fight: The Idols, Los Panteros, Marshall, or the Police.

You won’t always be fighting other enemies, although most of the time you will be. Some of these Threat activities ask you to destroy a van or maybe some drones, with no enemies around. Although, some may come and attack if you take too long to complete the objective.

Saints Row Threats: A map showing what the Threat icon looks like can be seen.

When it comes to Threats in individual districts, each district that contains a Threat activity has a total of 5. But, some of the more rural districts don’t have any at all.

Completing Threats will give you XP and also increase your Venture Income amount per hour, which allows you to place more Criminal Ventures. If you are looking for more tips on how to get Venture Income quickly in Saints Row, read our guide with additional help.

And that covers the Saints Row Threats activities across Santo Ileso. They are nice and small combat encounters that should help you rack up XP and Venture Income as you step away from the main missions in the game. For more help as you are making your way through the game and completing optional objectives, check out our Side Hustles guide and more in our Saints Row walkthrough.