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Saints Row how to get venture income fast and quickly

Want to earn as much of the green stuff as possible? Here is how you can rack up Saints Row venture income faster than you can say "chalupacabra"

Saints Row How To Get Venture Income Fast: Let's Pretend venture can be seen

Saints Row‘s backbone is criminal ventures. These businesses the Saints set up represent the majority of their cash flow and you will want to make a few decisions to ensure you make the best use of them. That is why we have put together this guide on how to get venture income fast and quick in Saints Row.

Venture income is something that slowly builds up over time and then you are able to transfer it over to your bank account to spend it on new ventures, weapons, or anything else really.

Below, read our tips on how to get venture income in Saints Row fast, so you can begin spending that hard-earned cash.

Saints Row How To Get Venture Income Fast

The key ways to get more venture income in Saints Row are:

  • Place more criminal ventures across Santo Ileso to bring in more money per hour
  • Complete Threats around Santo Ileso after placing ventures
  • Finish missions and activities that provide a venture income increase
  • Leave your game open to constantly have money added to your bank account

Placing ventures can be done from the empire table in the Saints HQ. You initially unlock a handful of ventures but can unlock more by completing campaign missions.

Once ventures are placed, a larger sum of money will be transferred to your cash app on your phone every hour. But, you can earn even more venture income by completing Threats spread out across the map and finishing each of the mission chains for the criminal ventures.

From there, just open your cash app every now and again to transfer your money from it, into your bank account to spend on anything you like!

If you are using the standing still and letting your bank account fill up method, you will need to leave your game on but not be in the pause menu for the money to accrue. An easy way to do this is just to stand in your Saints HQ and let your account fill up. You will need to check in and add the money to your personal account every now and again though.

That covers our guide on how to get venture income fast and quickly in Saints Row. For more tips on how to earn stuff fast in the game, check out our guide on how to earn XP fast and how to earn money fast in Saints Row in other ways.