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Saints Row criminal ventures - every venture explained

Want the rundown of how Saints Row's criminal Ventures work. Here is everything we have learnt about the key businesses across Santo Ileso

Saints Row Criminal Ventures: Two players can be seen killing some gang members

Saints Row is reformating how it approaches gameplay in a number of ways, while still staying true to the arcade roots of the franchise. And, one of those ways the game is shaking the formula up is through a number of Saints Row criminal centures.

These are major progression milestones related to the Saints’ takeover of Santo Illeso and being able to start different criminal ventures offers a number of benefits to your gang and also yourself.

Besides the main story and side missions, Criminal Ventures are the third pillar of the main progression. Check out our rundown of everything we know about Saints Row criminal ventures below.

Saints Row criminal ventures

Saints Row’s criminal ventures are key businesses the Saints can establish within Santo Illeso that all unlock different gameplay activities, including new events and returning ones like Insurance Fraud. The criminal ventures in Saints Row are:

Jimrob’s Garage

JimRob’s Garage is the first venture you will build and it is unlocked during the initial main story quests.

The quest chain is somewhat lengthy and you will need to go around and find vehicles to bring back for JR, so he can use the parts from them.


Chalupacabra will have you hunting down food trucks around the map and delivering them to your base to continue your drug-running business.

The quest chain is one of the smallest in the game and it can be unlocked from very early on.

Shady Oaks

Shady Oaks is unlockable from the beginning of the game and it is the main way to get access to Insurance Fraud, the beloved activity which returns in the reboot.

This mission chain isn’t too lengthy but is does mean you get to play a whole bunch of Insurance Fraud!

Bright Future

One of the more repetitive activities in Saints Row, Bright Future asks you to deliver radioactive material for disposal. With a ton of trucks around the map, you will be doing a lot of driving.

While it can be built early, you will want to ensure your driving skills are up to par as too much crashing will cause the volatility of the material to increase and a big explosion to happen.

Castle Kraken

Castle Kraken is the shortest chain of quests in the game, with only a few defend objectives around the map.

Unlocked as a part of the second lot of ventures, these missions will have you embedded deep within a LARPing adventure.


Eurekkator! is the home of testing and experimenting in the Saints Row reboot and this venture will have you putting yourself in danger as you test products before they are put to retail.

This venture forms a part of the middle set of ventures and can be unlocked about halfway through the game.

Wuzyerz Repo

Unlocked in the second chunk of ventures, the Wuzyerz Repo will have you finding a bunch of vehicles and towing them back to the repo to be repossessed.

What isn’t better than a bit of chill driving?


Ever wanted to spend your days cleaning up and disposing of bodies? Well, the Laundromat is the place to do just that.

During its medium-length quest chain, which is available from the middle of the game, you will have to beat the clock to dispose of corpses before the cops clock onto your illegal activities.

Cutting Edge

Want a fashion brand that speaks style and oozes retro flavour? Well, Cutting Edge should be on your radar to add to your empire with a lengthy 15-quest chain.

To grab the Cutting Edge material for your gear and weapons, you will need to find the material parts around Santo Ileso.

Kakts Radio

Kakts Radio is all about jamming signals so the police or one of the gangs in the game can’t call for help and reinforcements. To do this, yes you will need to go to a bunch of radio towers scattered across the map.

You can grab this quest chain and begin working on it once you get the third lot of ventures in the game, which honestly is too late to get the full benefit of the ability.

The Big One

What is a criminal empire without a gun-running business? Well, this venture allows you to do just that and you will need to cause mayhem all around Santo Ileso to complete it.

It is a part of the third set of ventures and has seven quests related to it.

Final Strike Dojo

The Final Strike Dojo is a part of the last ventures you can build and has a short quest-chain related to it.

In order to train up your Saints, you will build items around Santo Ileso as they hone their martial arts and fighting skills.

Planet Saints

Planet Saints is the home of the Saints’ own clothing brand and is one of the final unlocks on the empire table.

When completing this quest chain, you will need to find a bunch of trucks around Santo Ileso and deliver it to the store as shipments are running low. So, what better way to make up for it than to steal someone else’s gear?

Saints Tower

The final unlock after placing all the other ventures, once your criminal empire has expanded to its fullest you can decorate the Santo Ileso skyline with a huge tower.

This will cost you eight million dollars but it is your ultimate sign of dominance over the city.

Building Criminal Ventures will allow you to work your way towards district completion and unlock a host of rewards. These include money, XP, new collectibles for the Saints HQ customisation, outfits, vehicles and more.

There is fourteen total in the game which can be placed at various points around the Saints Row’s map. They are split into four different tiers, unlocked at different points.

That is all we know about Criminal Ventures in Saints Row, but be sure to keep an eye on our other guides in our Saints Row walkthrough.