Saints Row Criminal Ventures Explained

Want the rundown of how Saints Row's Criminal Ventures work. Here is everything we have learnt about the key events in the new game so far

Saints Row Criminal Ventures: Two players can be seen killing some gang members

Saints Row is reformating how it approaches gameplay in a number of ways, while still staying true to the arcade roots of the franchise. And, one of those ways the game is shaking the formula up is through a number of Saints Row Criminal Ventures.

These are major progression milestones related to the Saints’ takeover of Santo Illeso and being able to start different Criminal Ventures offers a number of benefits to your gang and also yourself.

Besides the main story and side missions, Criminal Ventures appear to be the third main type of activity you can do in the world and will populate the map with more activities and events for you to partake in. If you are keen to get the lowdown of Criminal Ventures in Saints Row ahead of release, check out our rundown of everything we know, including the Criminal Ventures that have been revealed.

Saints Row Criminal Ventures

Saints Row’s Criminal Ventures are key businesses the Saints can establish within Santo Illeso that all unlock different gameplay activities, including new events and returning ones like Insurance Fraud. So far we know of seven Criminal Ventures in Saints Row:

  • Bright Future
  • Chalupacabra
  • Cutting Edge
  • Jimrob’s Garage
  • Kakts Radio
  • Shady Oaks
  • The Big One

Building Criminal Ventures will allow you to work your way towards district completion and unlock a host of rewards. These include money, XP, new collectibles for the Saints HQ customisation, outfits, vehicles and more.

There is fourteen total in the game which can be placed at various points around the Saints Row’s map. Volition has confirmed that these are split into four tiers. However, we don’t know which tier each venture falls into.

That is all we know about Criminal Ventures in Saints Row as of now. But, we are likely to see more ahead of release and we will keep updating this guide with the latest information.