Saints Row reboot Insurance Fraud activity – is it back?

Will Saints Row's beloved Insurance Fraud activity be making a comeback with the game being a reboot?


The Saints Row series has had many activities come and go over the years and Insurance Fraud is one of the most beloved. The activity has you throwing yourself in front of moving cars and into buildings as you ragdoll around to earn as many points as possible. It is considered to be the start of the series’ transition to its more outlandish moments.

With Saints Row’s reboot coming out in February, fans are keen to know if Insurance Fraud is making a comeback in the Saints Row reboot. Not much is known about the gameplay in this realistic reboot but we have heard some details about what players can expect.

So without further ado, here’s everything we know about Saints Row Insurance Fraud and if it’ll make a long-awaited return in the upcoming Saints Row reboot game.

Saints Row Reboot Insurance Fraud

Is Insurance Fraud in the Saints Row reboot? Yes, Insurance Fraud is returning in the reboot of Saints Row. We haven’t seen any gameplay of the activity yet, but Volition confirmed to The Loadout in a preview event that the mode will be returning.

Insurance Fraud will be one of a number of activities in the game with some more returning from previous entries in the series. A number of new activities will also litter the open world.

So, that covers everything we know about Insurance Fraud in the Saints Row reboot, including its return. To stay up to date with everything else on Saints Row, including the Saints Row reboot release date check out our guide.