Saints Row Saints HQ customisation, details, and more

Let’s explore the Saints Row Saints HQ customisation options, details, and more from your crew to vehicles and decoration for the building itself

Saints Row Saints HQ Details and Customisations: Here we get to see the Saints HQ before and after the upgrades have been made, as well as the centre of the HQ where the Saints crew is living it up lavishly.

Saints Row is gearing up to be one hell of an experience for both long time fans and newcomers to the series. The customisation options we have seen so far offer an insane amount of things for players to dive on into, from disguising RPGs in guitar cases, dressing up in the quirkiest of outfits, or pimping out your ride from the insane vehicle list that’s available. It comes as no surprise that this customisation would also be littered throughout the player’s base of operations with plenty of Saints HQ customisation options and details to tweak.

Saints Row is allowing players to shape the game world however they see fit, starting with the Saints HQ. You can line the walls with all the weapons you’ve picked up on your escapades, place the most unsightly of statues around the premises, dress your crew up in stylish outfits, and plan the domination of Saint Ileso. There is a lot of customisation to be getting on with.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the Saints Row HQ customisation options and details that we have right now.

Saints Row Saints HQ customisation and details

The Saints Row Saints HQ is the base for players where they can customise their armory, clothing and wardrobe, garage and vehicles, and decorate the old church.

The Saints Row HQ appears to start off as nothing more than a rundown, grotty, old church. However, as you rank up and grow in power and where you will be able to expand and build upon this church, eventually turning it into a stunning piece of architecture, where they can undertake all their criminal activities.

Inside the Saints Row Saints HQ, you will also have access to their armoury, where you can choose to display all your weaponry in an artistic fashion on the walls or simply choose what weapons to take out into Santo Ileso. Also at the Saints HQ, players can use the wardrobe function. Currently, we are unsure how different this will be from using the phone to change clothes, however, it was confirmed that you can save outfit pre-sets within the wardrobe.

Saints Row Saints HQ Details and Customisations: Inside the Saints HQ we are greeted with one of the many collectable statues that you can customise your Saints HQ with.

The Saints Row HQ and all the different customisation options don’t end there though, as you also have access to a garage where your Saint can deck out their vehicles before going on a rampage around Santo Ileso. Here you can pick what vehicle abilities you might want to use, change up their alloys, or get a new paint job. The only downside about the garage at the Saints Row HQ is that you can only use parts you’ve already purchased at Jim Rob’s. Meaning the garage doesn’t work as a replacement for Jim Rob’s, as you will still be heavily dependent upon him for new vehicle parts.

Around the Saints Row HQ, there will be pedestals that look a little out of place. That is because players can actually place giant statue-like collectables on them, helping to spruce up and bring the HQ to life. There appears to be a wide spectrum of collectables ranging from, a man with a spanner all the way to a giant fire breathing tree. It’s not confirmed how you go about getting these collectables, but as the name suggests, you will most likely find them littered around the game world, hidden away and waiting to be picked up.

The Saints Row HQ isn’t the only thing you can customise, you can also dress your crew up however you want. Do you want a bunch of suited and booted baddies, how about some masked hoodlums? You betcha. Not only can you dress the crew how you want, but you can also customise and choose what vehicles your crewmates drive around Santo Ileso in.

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The last thing that has been shown ahead of release, is the second floor of the HQ. Here you can access the criminal empire table or also known as the Saints’ war map. Using this map, you can choose which parts of the city you want to work on taking over through Criminal Ventures. There are a total of 14 different locations that you can conquer. Although not much customisation happens here, a lot of player choice comes into play and how you want to tackle seizing the city.

That’s all on the Saints Row Saints HQ details and customisation. Once more is revealed this guide will be updated. We have to praise Saints Row for embracing diversity, especially when it comes throughout the game from the Saints HQ to the Saints Row character creator being as inclusive as possible.