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Saints Row Saints HQ customisation details

Let’s explore the Saints Row Saints HQ customisation options, details, and more from your crew to vehicles and decoration for the building itself

Saints Row Saints HQ Customisation: A statue in the Saints HQ can be seen

Saints Row is one hell of an action-packed experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. It comes as no surprise that customisation has been expanded to the player’s base of operations with plenty of Saints HQ customisation options in Saints Row to tweak in the church.

The core customisation options with the Saints HQ come in the form of placing items from around the round, placards and more to really give some personality to the church you bought on the cheap. Below, you can find an overview of how much depth that customisation offers.

We will also touch on the various items you can place and how they vary up the style and look of the church.

Saints Row Saints HQ customisation and details

The Saints Row Saints HQ is the base for players where they can customise their armory, clothing and wardrobe, garage and vehicles, and decorate the old church with collectibles. Once you get the church under your control, all of the items above become customisable, with small, medium, large, or wall collectibles able to be found throughout the world or by completing missions.

The Saints Row HQ starts off as nothing more than a rundown, grotty, old church. However, as you rank up and grow in dominance over Santo Ileso, you can eventually turn it into a stunning piece of architecture that everyone will want to visit

Around the Saints Row HQ, there will be pedestals and small areas where you can place the statures, items, posters, and more that you find throughout the world.

On the second floor of the HQ, you can also find the criminal empire table or also known as the Saints’ war map. Using this map, you can choose which parts of the city you want to work on taking over through Criminal Ventures. There are a total of 14 different locations that you can conquer, repeating the core regions of the map. Overall, the location of where you place these doesn’t matter, so it’s your choice!

That’s all on the Saints Row Saints HQ details and customisation. For more on the game’s systems and some of the core focuses of the main story, check out our other guides which cover the Saints Row characters, missions, co-op, and more.