Saints Row reboot map, size, districts, regions, and more

The latest wacky gangster game has a large open world, so our Saints Row map and districts guide is here to help you navigate it whether in a car or on foot

saints row map districts two gangsters shoot from car in chase

The Saints are back in Saints Row, the latest entry in the crazy gangster series that pulls no punches. It’s a reboot this time around, but it keeps all of the shenanigans that you’ve come to know and love about the gangster games. And, travelling around the Saints Row map and districts and causing maybe is a large part of the series’ fun.

Whether it’s in a car, bus, helicopter, or on your wee little toesies, the Saints Row map are a veritable treasure trove of exploration, looting, and mayhem. You can even grab a bunch of friends and tear up the place if that’s your sort of thing – and we’re betting it is, let’s be honest.

We’ve pieced together everything we know about the game’s world below. That way you can plan what you’re getting yourself into beforehand, or save yourself a trip to the in-game menu, you lazy fiend.

Saints Row map

Saints Row is set in Santo Ileso, a region modelled after the American South-West. The map is split into many different districts, with Lake Sebastian in the middle. After our preview of the game, we can say that while the map isn’t as large as some might expect, it is still larger than in previous Saints Row games and looks like the one put together by the Reddit community.

The Saints Row map is made up of many small districts, split into west and east, with the main lake in the centre of Santo Ileso. The Saints Row map districts are:

  • Monte Vista
  • Marina West
  • Marina East
  • Old Town West
  • Old Town East
  • Rojas Desert North
  • Kavanagh County Territory
  • West Providencia
  • East Providencia
  • Mercedes
  • Smelterville East
  • Smelterville West
  • Badlands North
  • Lakeshore North
  • Lakeshore South
  • West Flats
  • East Flats
  • Badlands South
  • El Dora’s
  • Lake Sebastian

That’s everything we know about the Saints Row map and districts layout. To see if you can play with friends on other platforms, check out our Saints Row crossplay guide, or you can read our Saints Row radio stations story to find out what songs will provide the soundtrack to your mayhem.