Saints Row radio stations – every station to jam out to

Looking for a list of all the Saints Row radio stations? Here is each one you can listen to and what type of music they mainly play

Saints Row Radio Stations: The Boss can be seen sitting in a car outside of a store with two people looking at them

Driving around the open worlds in Saints Row is made even more enjoyable thanks to one thing: radio stations. And, there are a whole bunch of Saints Row radio stations in the reboot from Volition to keep you company as you are driving around the open world.

And, with the game being set in the new location of Santo Illeso, there is a greater variety of music to listen to with a real focus on Spanish and Mexican artists and songs this time around. However, don’t worry, classic pop, rock, even country music and more are all here as well. So, there should be something that sounds like music to your ears, literally.

Below, you can find our rundown of the Saints Row Radio Stations that are in the game, as well as the confirmed tracklists for each of the stations.

Saints Row Radio Stations

There are 10 radio stations in Saints Row, ranging from classical orchestral works to nightclub and dance hits. The radio stations are as follows:

  • Dos Ochos – classical Spanish and Mexican music
  • Santo Public Radio – classical orchestral music
  • Tumbleweed Radio – country music
  • The Drop – EDM music
  • The Cipher – rap music
  • Outrun – synth-pop music
  • Route Overdrive – rock and roll music
  • Flex – R&B music
  • El Latido – Spanish pop music
  • Nuclear Blast – metal music

A Game Informer interview with Jeremy Bernstein from the team revealed that there are seemingly more than 12 radio stations in the game. But after playing a few hours at a preview event we only had access to 10. So, either the others got cut during development or are unlocked later in the game.

So, which one do you plan on driving around to? We particularly fell in love with The Drop and Outrun. For more on the Saints Row reboot now you know about all the Saints Row radio stations, check out our rundown of the Criminal Ventures in the game.