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Is Saints Row crossplay and cross-platform?

Will Saints Row crossplay and cross-platform support be implemented in the latest bonkers gangster game? We're here to dildo bat you with the answers

saints row crossplay four characters relaxing against a wall

After a hiatus of years and years, Saints Row is back in a rebooted form and takes the action down south to the desert lands of the USA. The series is known for allowing you to commit wacky antics that are best performed with friends in multiplayer, which is why we’re here to talk Saints Row crossplay.

With a large open world to explore, Saints Row is ripe for multiplayer picking. You may want to group up and tear across the deserts of Santo Ileso with our friends, causing all kinds of havoc and mayhem as we go. But what if your friends own the game on a different platform to you?

Our Saints Row crossplay guide is here to give you everything we know about whether you can play with those squirrely PlayStation folk when you own an Xbox Series X – the superior console choice. Wait… put that dildo bat down. I didn’t mean it.

is Saints Row Crossplay and cross-platform

Saints Row does not allow crossplay, but it does have cross-generational support. This means that players on PS4 can play with those on PS5 and players on Xbox One can play with friends on Xbox Series X|S, but Xbox and PlayStation users cannot play together in any way. The same is true for PC players playing with those on consoles.

While it is a shame that the latest entry in the bonkers gangster game series won’t support crossplay, at least it allows players on the older generation of consoles to play with this on the next-gen consoles, as stock of the newest console is still limited.

That covers everything about Saints Row crossplay and cross-platform support. If you’re after more information on the game, check out our Saints Row radio stations guide for a list of everything you can listen to, or you can check out our Saints Row Characters guide for everything we know about the cast of misfits.