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Saints Row Side Hustles guide

Looking for a detailed rundown of all the Saints Row Side Hustles and how they work? Well, look no further than this article covering them

Saints Row Side Hustles: A tank can be seen rolling through the streets of Santo Illeso

Saints Row is stuffed with missions, activities, side objectives, repeatable activities, and more. But, one of the most prevalent side activities are the Side Hustles. These take the form of small minigames and missions that are repeated across the map. But, what are all the Saints Row Side Hustles?

Well, all of them within the game are small and bite-size, meaning they can be completed in less than five minutes in most cases. A large number of them are new in Santo Ileso, however, there are some returning side activities that were in the previous games, such as Insurance Fraud. They are all tied to unlocking Criminal Ventures as you progress through the main story.

So, if you are looking for an overview of the Saints Row Side Hustles, read through the rest of this article for a rundown. You can unlock these in more locations by completing the initial ones which are available.

Saints Row side hustles

These are all of the Side Hustles in Saints Row:


@tcha is one of the easiest side hustles in the game. All you need to do is go to a location and leave a shop or restaurant a bad review. Leaving a lower rating will make the fight against one of the gangs harder.

But, doing so will also give you a bigger reward, which is definitely worth it!


Choplifting is a simple side hustle. Using a helicopter and a giant magnet, you will complete a small task by lifting a vehicle or item and dropping it off somewhere.

You will need to practice your flying skills though as it won’t always be a straight flight to the finish.

Pony Express

Pony Express is one of the first side hustles you get access to in the game and you need to drive around and drop someone off.

But, while doing so, you will need to be fast to beat the timer, while also avoiding the cops and any other dangers.

Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun is one of the earliest side hustles in the game and has you riding on the top of a car or in the passenger seat destroying vehicles.

As you destroy the vehicles, your car’s health will be restored and the goal is to escape your pursuers.

Wingsuit Saboteur

Wingsuit Saboteur asks you to complete your own Bond mission, wing suiting from rooftop to rooftop and destroying satellites.

Using weather stations you can launch yourself into the air and then attack people as you land on the ground, clearing the rooftops and using explosives to destroy satellites on your way.

That covers all the Saints Row Side Hustles. As you can see there are a fair few of these side activities in the game and they are repeated all across the map of Santo Ileso, so you should be kept busy! For more tips and advice on the missions and more in the game, check out our Saints Row walkthrough, which is packed with guides to help you out as you play.