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Saints Row how to save your game so you don’t lose progress

Worried about losing your progress in Saints Row and want to know how to save? We'll tell you all the methods of saving in the Saints Row reboot game

saints row how to save a mad max like gang

The Saints are back in rebooted form for Saints Row and they’re bringing all the wacky hijinks the series is known for with them. The open-world landscape of Santo Illeso is modelled after the American South-West and so plunges the Saints into a new location. With all the mayhem and havoc you will wreak across the desert lands, you really should know how to save in Saints Row so that you don’t lose your progress if it all goes horribly wrong.

Inevitably, it will all go horribly wrong at some point, so do yourself a favour and read on below to find out how to save in Saints Row.

That way you can ensure you don’t have to go back and playthrough any missions again.

Saints Row how to save

To save your game in Saints Row, bring up the main menu by pressing the relevant button on your controller and you will have the option to create a manual save.

Saints Row also has an autosave feature that periodically saves your game as you play. The game saves regularly, so even if you haven’t created a manual save, if something goes wrong and you lose your progress, then it’s likely that you will not lose much of your progress.

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