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Saints Row how to buy and get more vehicles

Want to know how to buy and get more vehicles in Saints Row? Here's how to obtain rare cars and store them for later use in Santo Illeso world of Saints Row

Saints Row get buy vehicles ronal reagan riding a motorcycle

The Saints Row series is back in rebooted form, and it’s been too many years since we’ve entered the wacky universe of the tongue-in-cheek gangster game. Saints Row is set in a vast open world and contains lots of activities to do, and one of our favourites is stealing and driving cars. But, that leads us to the question of how to buy and get new vehicles, and how we can keep them saved for later.

How to buy and get new vehicles in Saints Row might sound pretty simple, but obtaining your favourite luxury car and saving it for later use is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Below, we’ll tell you how you can scour the world of Santo Illeso for more vehicles and, more importantly, keep them for later use.

Saints Row how to buy and get more vehicles

You can obtain ordinary vehicles in Saints Row by stealing or carjacking them from anywhere on the map. You can then take them to the Saints HQ and park them in the garage spot to save that vehicle to your collection. You can also take vehicles to JimRob’s garage once you’ve unlocked it, which is a criminal venture that you unlock by completing main story missions.

More unique and rare vehicles can be unlocked by completing story or side missions, which are automatically unlocked in your collection once the mission is complete. These rarer vehicles can sometimes be found around the map of Santo Illeso, but they are very difficult to find this way.

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