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Saints Row voice actors and cast - who plays your favourite characters

There are many heroes and villains in the latest wacky action game and our Saints Row voice actors and cast list tells you who plays

saints row voice actors cast shooting from the rooftop of a car

After a hiatus that we can safely say is too long, Saints Row is back in a rebooted form set in the American South West. It wouldn’t be a Saints Row game without memorable characters who are as out there as the game itself, which is why the Saints Row voice actors and cast play a huge role in bringing the characters to life.

Whether it’s just walking past an NPC on the street, or whether you’re in a full-blown cutscene, the Saints Row voice actors and cast lend their talents to everyone from the smallest street-corner lurker who can’t stop muttering to the mainest of main protagonists in the dusty streets of Santo Ileso.

But, for this guide, we will focus on those main characters who are key to the core of this new experience.

Saints Row voice actors and cast

A lot of work goes into the voices of your favourite videogame characters, so below you can find the Saints Row voice actors and cast list:

  1. Max Mittelman – Boss Voice 1
  2. Erica Lindbeck – Boss Voice 2
  3. Catero Colbert – Boss Voice 3
  4. Bryce Charles – Boss Voice 4
  5. Antony Del Rio – Boss Voice 5
  6. Emily O’Brien – Boss Voice 6
  7. Adam Gold – Boss Voice 7
  8. Rachel Butera – Boss Voice 8
  9. Greg Chun – Kevin
  10. Eugene Byrd – Eli
  11. Jeannie Tirado – Neenah
  12. Christian Lanz – The Nahualli

Those are all the Saints Row voice actors and cast that bring the game’s characters to life. Erica Lindbeck and Bryce Charles are two of the more well-known names on this list with the former playing Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man and the latter appearing in shows like Black-ish and Fuller House. But, you may know some of the other people here as well who have appeared in a variety of other pieces of entertainment.

If this guide piqued your interest, you can find out more about the Saints Row characters in one of our other guides, or you can also find a list of all the Saints Row radio stations to find out what you can jam out to while causing major panic in the streets.