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Does Saints Row have split-screen support?

Playing the Saints Row reboot and want to know if it has split-screen support? Here is the answer to questions surrounding 2022's Saints Row and split-screen

Saints Row Split-Screen: A man can be seen wondering down Santo Ileso

With Saints Row being absent for so long and gaming habits changing so much, questions about what features are retained in the latest game are aplenty. One of those questions is ‘does Saints Row have split-screen support?’

Well, with support for playing your friends, you would think split-screen support in Saints Row would be a given. But, we would suggest you don’t jump to any conclusions just yet before you start getting your hopes up.

So, read on below for the answer to if the feature is in the game.

Does Saints Row have split-screen support?

Saints Row’s 2022 reboot does not have any split-screen support. You can only play with others online through matchmaking or by inviting a friend.

Whilst this is disappointing to see, it isn’t entirely surprising as split-screen support has become less prevalent in modern games with the focus being online. So, you won’t be able to engage in couch co-op play with friends while playing Saints Row, unfortunately.

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