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Saints Row how to unlock Insurance Fraud

Want to know how to unlock Insurance Fraud in Saints Row? Here is what you need to do to get access to the activity and begin it anywhere on the map

Saints Row how to unlock Insurance Fraud: The player can be seen winsuitting

Saints Row is adding a whole new selection of activities for you to complete, but one fan favourite is Insurance Fraud. But, you can’t just hop in after the intro of the game, you will first need to unlock Insurance Fraud in Saints Row.

And, that might not be obvious, especially if you don’t happen to place the right criminal venture which unlocks it early on. So, you may be left waiting for it to be unlocked.

But, you can actually unlock Insurance Fraud in Saints Row within the first few hours. So, below, you will find the answer to how to unlock Insurance Fraud.

Saints Row How To Unlock Insurance Fraud

To unlock Insurance Fraud in Saints Row, all you need to do is place the Shady Oaks criminal venture and complete the missions related to it. Each of the missions is an Insurance Fraud activity for you to finish and the empire table becomes useable once you have finished the mission Take Me To Church.

And, then, once you have completed everything in the criminal venture’s quest chain, you can call up Tamira from the contacts up to start Insurance Fraud anywhere on the map.

Once started in the open world map, you will have five minutes to earn as much money as you can, marking the return of a true fan favourite activity.

That is how to unlock Insurance Fraud in Saints Row! For more guides on activities, check out our rundown of the criminal ventures in the game, the Threats, Side Hustles, and more.