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Saints Row character creator guide and overview

Want a detailed overview of the Saints Row character creator and everything you can do with it. Here are all of the options and sliders you can adjust

Saints Row Character Creator: The Boss can be seen in a doorway

Saints Row games are partly remembered for their crazy action and hilarious humour, but a lot of the fun comes from crafting your own character using the expansive tools built into the game’s character creator. But, with this reboot, what can you expect from the Saints Row character creator?

Well, Volition’s effort with the reboot has made this new character creation suite one of the most robust yet. In fact, there were so many options, the studio released it in the form of the Boss Factory ahead of the main game’s release. The creator also is by far a new benchmark for games when it comes to inclusivity.

So, for an overview of what you can do with it and everything you can change continue reading below. You can find a full list of all the options in the Saints Row character creator.

Saints Row Character Creator

When it comes to the character creator in the Saints Row reboot, these are the options you have to customise and tweak:

  • Outfit – head, upper, lower, feet, full body
  • Body – build, figure, chest size, groin size, prosthetics, modesty
  • Skin – skin types, skin tint, muscle definition, veins, glossiness, body scars, tans, skin decals, body hair, body hair colour
  • Hair – hairstyle, hair colour, hair glossiness, facial hair, facial hair colour
  • Head – head shape, forehead, brows, ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, teeth, jaw, chin
  • Face – complexion, wrinkles, face scars, accessories, makeup
  • Tattoos – head, arms, torso, back, legs
  • Personality – voice, emotes

And that is it. Those are the main categories of ways you can customise your own boss in the game. Of course, within each of these categories, there are a whole bunch of individual customisation options which you can choose.

Listing them all would be a lot to read through, so you can take a look at all of those options available at the beginning of the game in the video below from IGN. Some of the outfit options here will not be available at the start when you play the full game, but all the actual creation options for your character are.

YouTube Thumbnail

So now you have the full overview of the Saints Row character creator, be sure to take a peek through our other guides as you begin your game with our list of the Saints Row weapons, Saints Row skill tree, Saints Row perks, and Saints Row gangs.