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Saints Row reboot weapons and guns guide

Curious about the full Saints Row weapons and guns list? Here is every weapon in the game across pistols and SMGs to powerful rifles and launchers

Saints Row Weapons: Neenah, Eli, Kevin, and The Boss can be seen aiming weapons at something off-screen

The star of most Saints Row games’ gameplay is the weapons that you can use to pull off kills by the dozen. But, with Volition’s latest being a reboot of the series, what are all the Saints Row weapons and guns in the game?

The vast majority of the guns and weapons in this reboot of Saints Row are much more modern, with the wackier designs coming in the form of decals. These decals change the look but not the power of your weapon. But, before you can begin doing that, you will need to know all the Saints Row weapons and guns.

Below, you can find them all across all the categories, from rifles and pistols to special weapons and melee weapons.

Saints Row weapons and guns

Here are all the Saints Row weapons and guns available in the game:

  • .585 Safari Express Rifle – rifle
  • AR-55 Burst Rifle – rifle
  • Dustlander Crossbow – rifle
  • K-8 Krukov AR – rifle
  • AS3 Ultimax – shotgun
  • Dustlander Shotgun – shotgun
  • MDI-50 Tac – shotgun
  • Police Shotgun – shotgun
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun – shotgun
  • Stagecoach – shotgun
  • 1921 Johnson – SMG
  • D4th Blossom – SMG
  • Machine Pistol – SMG
  • TEK Z-10 – SMG
  • AT Rocket Launcher – big gun
  • Idol Star Launcher – big gun
  • RPG Launcher – big gun
  • MDI-68 Focus Rifle – special weapon
  • TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle – special weapon
  • Dustlander Revolver – pistol
  • ElectroStun P1200 – pistol
  • Handcannon .44 – pistol
  • Idol Lite – pistol
  • KA-1 Kobra – pistol
  • MDI-39M Sixguns – pistol
  • Axe – melee
  • Bone Crusher – melee
  • Crowbar – melee
  • Dustlander Sword – melee
  • MDI-12 Stun Baton – melee
  • Machete – melee
  • Pickaxe – melee
  • Sledgehammer – melee
  • Smelterville Slugger – melee

This is a partial list currently but will be updated in the coming days with more weapons as we unlock them.

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