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Saints Row Chalupacabra missions and location guide

Want to organise a drug-running business in Saints Row? Well, you can do that with our Saints Row Chalupacabra guide covering the location of it and missions

Saints Row Chalupacabra Missions Location: The Chalupacabra building can be seen

There are a whole bunch of Criminal Ventures in Saints Row, but one of the more distinct ones is the Chalupacabra Criminal Venture, which is a drug-running business operated by a number of food trucks. But, if you are looking to complete the quest chain, you will want a Saints Row Chalupacabra guide, covering the missions and location of where to place the business.

To save you any struggle, this guide will offer you a walkthrough of the business and give you a Saints Row Chalupacabra guide, detailing the individual missions to complete and more.

Below, you can find everything you need to know to earn all the rewards for the missions as well as run the district the business operates from.

Saints Row Chalupacabra Missions And Location

Saints Row’s Chalupacabra criminal venture can be placed in Santo Ileso for $30,000. It is available from early on in the game after obtaining access to criminal ventures. The location of where you place it does not matter, and you can put the venture wherever you like.

Chalupacabra’s missions are as follows, with five stages to finish in order to complete the criminal venture. Four of these are mandatory and one is optional.

  • Steal the King’s Food Truck
  • Steal Weenie’s Food Truck
  • Steal Sammy’s Food Truck
  • Steal Twisty’s Food Truck
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district

If you are struggling to find one of the food trucks you need to steal, all you need to do is head to the map screen and hit the interact button to have a waypoint appear on your map.

The rewards for completing each stage of the Chalupacabra Criminal Venture are as follows:

  • Steal the King’s Food Truck – cash, Chicken a la King vehicle
  • Steal Weenie’s Food Truck – cash, XP, Hot Dog hat, I Dream of Weenie vehicle
  • Steal Sammy’s Food Truck – cash, XP, Twisty Creamy vehicle
  • Steal Twisty’s Food Truck – cash, XP, Six Shooter Samurai vehicle
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district – venture income increase, XP

Finally, once all those missions are done, you can go back to the person who runs the business and talk with them to complete the venture. Completing the full mission chain rewards you with 5,000 XP, $30,000, the Chalupacabra Crew Outfits, a Taco Costume, and the Chalupacabra Sign collectible, which is one of the collectible locations in the game.

And there you have it, our overview of the Saints Row Chalupacabra venture. Now you should be earning more Venture income quicker and building up your empire more. For more help with other ventures, check out our overview of all the Saints Row Criminal Ventures and get individual help with each one in our Saints Row walkthrough.