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Saints Row JimRob’s Garage missions and location guide

Looking for a rundown of JimRob's Garage? Well here are all the Saints Row JimRob's Garage missions in the criminal adventure chain and the location of it

Saints Row JimRob's Garage Missions Location: JimRob's Garage can be seen

JimRob’s Garage is one of the first criminal ventures you unlock in Saints Row, but despite being the first its mission chain is actually one of the longest. If you are looking for an overview of the Saints Row JimRob’s Garage venture including the missions and location of it, then we should have you covered.

This guide will go over each of the steps in the quest chain, where you can place the business, and some of the rewards you can get.

Then, once it is up and running, you can start repairing cars and customising them. From there you can add to your vehicle collection and find your favourite!

Saints Row JimRob’s Garage missions and location

JimRob’s Garage Venture in Saints Row is automatically built at the end of the mission ‘A Piece of Action’. Therefore, you don’t have to put any money down to build it and choosing where to build it doesn’t matter either.

There are 11 missions in the JimRob’s Garage criminal venture after completing ‘A Piece of the Action’ and most of them involve stealing vehicles across Santo Ileso. One of these missions is optional, however.

  • Steal a Hammerhead
  • Steal The Desert Devil
  • Steal the Attazione
  • Steal the Go-Kart
  • Steal the Cruiser
  • Steal the Monster Truck
  • Steal the Crisis
  • Steal the Fer De Lance
  • Steal the Phoenix
  • Steal the Marshall APC
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district

All of these vehicles are shown on the map and you can track them easily by hovering over JimRob’s location on the map and hitting the interact button.

The rewards for completing each stage of the JimRob’s Garage criminal venture are as follows:

  • A Piece of the Action – cash, XP, Idols Anubis Helmet
  • Steal a Hammerhead – Improved air control for vehicles, XP, cash
  • Steal The Desert Devil – XP, money
  • Steal the Attazione – XP, money
  • Steal the Go-Kart – XP, money
  • Steal the Cruiser – XP, money
  • Steal the Monster Truck – XP, money
  • Steal the Crisis – XP, money
  • Steal the Fer De Lance – XP, money
  • Steal the Phoenix – XP, money
  • Steal the Marshall APC – XP, money
  • Bonus: Eliminate the five threats in the district – venture income increase, XP

Once all those missions are done, go back to JimRob to complete the quest chain. Doing so will earn you XP, money, JimRob’s Crew Outfits, JimRob’s Attrazione, Vehicle Delivery in-app, and a JimRob Statue (one of the collectible locations in the game).

That is everything covered when it comes to the Saints Row JimRob’s Garage missions and location, giving you a guide on how to complete the quest chain. For more on the various Criminal Ventures in Saints Row check out our guide on them or other missions and activities in our Saints Row walkthrough.