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Saints Row max level and rank for your Saints ranking

Do you want to know the Saints Row max level and rank for your character? Here is when your experience will cap out as you rule Santo Ileso

Saints Row Max Level Rank: The Saints imagery on the wall of the HQ can be seen

Reaching the max level and rank in Saints Row is one of the biggest measures of your success in building your criminal empire. Despite being able to rank up your criminal empire, your personal rank in Saints Row governs things like skills and how many you have access to.

The max rank is a signal that you have made it and you can now work on cleaning up Santo Ileso, finishing criminal ventures or hunting down the collectible locations. It definitely doesn’t mean the game is over though.

So, to find out the max level and rank in Saints Row, read on below through the rest of this article.

Saints Row max level and rank

The max level and rank you can reach in Saints Row is level 20. Once at this level, you will have unlocked all of the best skills in the game and can focus on other activities.

If you are blazing through the campaign, you will probably won’t be at this rank by the end of the game. But a regular playthrough and some side activities should get you close to this maximum rank by the time you hit the credits.

You can still explore and complete activities once you have beaten the main campaign, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to go back and finish completing each district or unlocking everything.

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