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Saints Row how to get XP fast and level up quickly

Curious about how to get XP fast in Saints Row? Here is what you need to do to get your Saints rank higher in Santo Ileso in no time at all

Saints Row Get XP Fast: The Boss can be seen shooting at a helicopter

XP is one of the main rewards for completing the variety of missions and activities in Saints Row. Whether it be, finishing up criminal venture chains, or just finishing some of the main story missions, there are tons of ways to earn XP. But, what are some of the ways to get XP fast in Saints Row?

Well, XP is a fairly plentiful resource in Santo Ileso so you should get more than enough while playing. But, if you particularly want to grab as much as possible, this guide will cover some of the methods to get XP fast in Saints Row.

So, continue reading below for our guide on grabbing that XP and reaching the max level in the game!

Saints Row how to get XP fast

There are a number of ways you can get XP fast in Saints Row. They are:

  • Complete main story missions
  • Place criminal ventures
  • Complete criminal venture quest chains
  • Complete Side Hustles
  • Finish Threats
  • Complete challenges

Main Story missions are by far the easiest way to gain XP and it should be your main focus for about half of the game. From there you can continue through the campaign or begin expanding your criminal empire (if you haven’t already done so).

Placing criminal ventures and completing their quest chains will reward you with XP for each mission and you will get a nice big chunk of XP as well once they are fully complete.

Side Hustles and Threats award varying amounts of small slices of XP which are a nice bonus, especially if you are working on open-world activities.

Finally, albeit not the most lucrative, there are some easy challenges you can focus on and complete to get some easy XP. These challenges aren’t always ones you would have earned by playing naturally. But devoting a few hours to completing some of them can help you increase your rank quicker than if you weren’t paying attention to them.

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