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Saints Row where should you place Criminal Ventures on the map?

Wondering where you should place Criminal Ventures in Saints Row? Here's everything we know about building business around Santo Illeso in the gangster game

saints row place criminal ventures map on a table

Saints Row has a massive open world with absolutely loads of activities to complete, like Criminal Ventures. Criminal Ventures unlock after the Take Me To Church campaign mission and allow you to choose where your gang sets up businesses. But, where should you place your Criminal Ventures for the best rewards and income for you gang?

By placing Criminal Ventures in the way you want, you will be able to better customise your criminal empire and choose which businesses rule each district. Read on below to find out where you should place Criminal Ventures in Saints Row and why it matters.

Saints Row where should you place Criminal Ventures?

Criminal Ventures can be placed at numerous pre-designated places on the map in Saints Row, but where you play them ultimately doesn’t matter.

Building Criminal Ventures throughout Santo Illeso unlocks new items, customisation options, and mission chains, and they will become the main source of the Saints’ income in whatever region they are placed in. However, the actual placement location of Criminal Ventures does not affect what rewards you get, only which physical location you will inhabit on the map.

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