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Saints Row vehicle customisation guide

Are you looking for all the details about Saints Row vehicle customisation? Well here are the individual tweaks and mods you can make to bikes, vans, and more

Saints Row Vehicle Customisation: A large ship vehicle can be seen

Vehicles are the core method of getting around Santo Ileso in Saints Row, if you aren’t using the wingsuit, as they get you from point A to B. But, how can you make those vehicles more distinct? Volition’s wide variety of Saints Row vehicle customisation in your garage is how!

There are a lot of different vehicles in the game, but the option to change their look carries over between almost all of them. These alterations vary from visual to gameplay changing, thanks to each one’s signature ability.

Below you can find all the categories of vehicle customisation in Saints Row. What are you waiting for? Go get customising!

Saints Row Vehicle Customisation

There are a wide variety of vehicle customisation options in Saints Row for bikes, large vehicles or just regular cars. But here are the main categories:

  • Vehicle presets
  • Body paint
  • Trim paint
  • Rim paint
  • Decals
  • Window colour
  • Interior colour
  • Grime and age of the vehicle
  • Underglow
  • Body Kit
  • Bumper mods
  • Hood mods
  • Mirror mods
  • Rear mods
  • Sideskirts mods
  • Spoiler mods
  • Tapper mods
  • Seat mods
  • Tires
  • Engine audio
  • Horn
  • Transmission audio
  • Nitrous
  • Off-road kit
  • Towing cable
  • Vehicle upgrade kit
  • Signature Abilities

As you can see there are a lot of options when it comes to visual changes you can make to your cars. The main distinctive changes come in the form of the paint on your car and also how whiny or grimy it looks.

But, vehicles have far more upgrades that change the gameplay, when compared to weapons. Signature Abilities are those game-changing bonuses that can really help you out when being chased. These include auto-parking for some vehicles, more nitrous, a huge ball and chain which can destroy anything behind you, and more.

Some smaller upgrades like vehicle upgrade kits boost the max speed, performance, durability, and off-road capabilities of the vehicle overall, while the off-road kit makes a vehicle better suited to that terrain. The towing cable can be equipped and then attached to items in order to pull them along with you and cause a huge traffic jam or collision.

And of course, if you want some funny horns or stickers for your car, you can add them to its outer body as well! There are some less conventional vehicles in this Saints Row game so you can make some crazy creations after you spend some time with the vehicle customisation.

So now you are driving around in a vehicle that reflects you, why not check out more about the game’s cars, including how to unlock all vehicles in the game? You can also find even more help and tips in our Saints Row walkthrough which covers the game from top to bottom.