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Saints Row length – how long to beat Saints Row (2022)

Are you curious about the Saints Row length and how long it takes to beat Saints Row (2022)? Here are our estimations for story and completionist runs

Saints Row Length How Long To Beat

Saints Row is a brand new start for the franchise but in a lot of ways, it actually retains what we all know and love from the previous games. One of those ways is the Saints Row length, as it takes about as long to beat the game as it did Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4.

As such, this means that Saints Row isn’t a massive open-world game. You won’t be dumping a hundred hours into its open world, but you will still have a lot to complete and do.

As such the game is a manageable open world, but if you just want to complete the story you will be getting a solid experience as well, although not the longest. To find out the length of Saints Row and how long it takes to beat the game, read below.

Saints Row length – how long to beat Saints Row

Saints Row’s length is about 10-14 hours if you are just focusing on the main story. But, if you also complete all of the criminal venture quest chains you will probably put about 18-22 hours into Santo Ileso.

For a completionist run, where you want to 100% every district, complete every challenge and mission, and finish everything, you are looking at 40-50 hours, possibly even more if you have a lot of work to do with the game’s challenges.

As mentioned, these numbers are similar to Saints Row 3 and 4, sitting in between them in terms of length. The game is sizeable and if you want to play co-op with a friend you are going to have a lot to do. But, if you are playing alone as well, you will have just as much to keep you occupied.

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