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Saints Row jet location - where to get a VTOL jet

Looking to get a jet in Saints Row? Well, it isn't easy to find but we will save you some time in this guide with a reliable Saints Row jet location to get one

Saints Row jet location: A jet can be seen in the menu

If you want to dominate the skies in Saints Row, you are going to want a jet to cause havoc on the ground. But, where is the easiest place to grab one I hear you ask? Well, after playing through the game, we have a pretty reliable Saints Row jet location, which will guarantee you one in your helipad garage!

You can find one around the world, but this method will make that hunt a lot easier. Because, well, you won’t have to do any hunting at all! You just have to wait and be patient as you make your way through the game.

So for the exact instructions on how to get this Saints Row jet location, read through the rest of this article.

Saints Row jet location

To get a jet in Saints Row, you need to finish all of the main story missions, concluding in Showdown. Completing this mission will give you the VTOL MDI-921V as a reward.

As we said, this does require some commitment and the jet acts as a final reward vehicle for beating the story as you fly one during the mission. It features both guided rockets and a powerful laser and comes with its flying mode and a stationary fire mode.

This makes it one of the most powerful vehicles in the game and should make short work of any enemies you face after you have beaten the game. It can be found at a Marshall facility if you are lucky, but this is the more reliable method as you can spawn it from your helipad whenever you like and customise it.

Now you have the easiest jet location in Saints Row, you can begin fully raining destruction on the map. If you want some help to fully complete the side activities now you have finished the story, check out what other guides we have in our Saints Row walkthrough.