Saints Row best perks to equip on your character

Looking for some of the best perks in Saints Row? Here are our suggestions of which small buffs and upgrades you should be using

Saints Row best perks: two characters can be seen standing by a car

Perks are more than plentiful as you play through Saints Row. There are tons of them to unlock as you complete challenges, but what are some of the best perks in Saints Row for the minor, major, and elite slots?

As with the skills in the game, there are a lot of them to choose from, but in reality, only a few really stand out as some of the best. And, those aren’t unlocked super early in the game.

Therefore, you will need to complete a lot of challenges to get some of the best perks in Saints Row. But, before you have to make a decision, read below for our recommendations so you know what to equip right away if you unlock one of the stronger perks.

Saints Row best perks

These are our suggestions for the best perks in Saints Row:

Saints Row Best Perks: The player can be seen shooting some enemies.

In The Flow

In The Flow is unlocked pretty early in Saints Row and it is a solid choice for the minor slot! This will keep your flow intact at all times, stopping it from going down, and therefore allowing you to use your skills more.

Dead Eye

Dead Eye is probably the best minor perk. You should be getting headshots if you aren’t already and landing them with this equipped will dramatically speed up your reload for a brief period.

Loot Grab

Loot Grab isn’t the strongest perk out there, but it is handy to have if the other minor perks don’t suit your build or playstyle. It allows you to automatically pull in cash and ammo, which should keep you stocked up!


Our first major perk suggestion is Scavenger. This is a great addition as you will grab more ammo from ammo boxes you pick up in Santo Ileso during fights.

This guide will be updated once we have unlocked all of the perks, so keep an eye out as we don’t have our full list of suggestions just yet.

That covers all the best perks in Saints Row. If you want more tips and recommendations, our Saints Row walkthrough has everything you need to know about the game with tons of helpful bits of information!