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What are all the Saints Row loyalty missions for your crew?

Want to know what all the Saints Row loyalty missions are so you can get on the good side of all your buds? Here is the full list:

Saints Row Loyalty Missions: Neenah, Eli, and Kevin can be seen in a car

Neenah, Kevin, and Eli are your new crew in the Saints Row reboot and the game has a number of missions tied to each of them that allow you to spend some quality time together. But, what does that full Saints Row loyalty missions list look like?

Well, there aren’t a huge number of loyalty missions for each character, but they are some of the best main missions in the game. Each one touches on their personality and allows you to see more sides of them than the main golden path offers.

So, below you can find the seven loyalty missions in Saints Row and which character they are related to.

Saints Row loyalty missions

Saints Row has seven loyalty missions and they are as follows for Eli, Neenah, and Kevin:

Saints Row Loyalty Missions: Eli can be seen holding a milk carton

Shootin’ the shit

Eli is the least confident in a fight when it comes to using weapons, so this mission allows you to teach him how to hold a gun. That way he can prepare himself for the fights against rival gangs in the future.

The fast and the foodiest

Kevin really likes a Mechaburger and wants his toy, so this mission takes you around Santo Ileso hunting down the toy and killing a few idols in the process.

Art appreciation

Neenah is looking to get into the art world. This mission asks you to drive her around so you can steal, (sorry buy), a number of pieces of art.

Saints Row Loyalty Missions: A Idol can be seen on a motorbike

Idol hands

Those Idols just won’t leave you alone and are now stealing your packages. So, it is yours and Kevin’s job to get them back.

The dustmoot

Heard of LARPing? Neither has the boss. So that is why you spend some quality time with Eli experiencing all it has to offer in this mission.

The rod warrior

As you continue to build Castle Kraken and complete its venture quest chain, you take part in the LARPing Dustmoot to grab the Dust Crown.

Unto the breach

The final stage of Castle Kraken’s dominance continues your LARPing adventure as you become the true champions!

That covers the Saints Row loyalty missions. For more on the activities in the open world of Santo Ileso, read our guides on the Threats, Side Hustles, criminal ventures, and more in our walkthrough.