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Saints Row hoverbike location – where to get a hover bike

Want to grab the fancy Marshall hoverbike in Saints Row? Well here is the Saints Row hoverbike location so you can get it as soon as possible!

Saints Row Hover Bike Location: A Hover Bike can be seen in the menu

One of the coolest bits of technology in the Saints Row reboot is the hoverbike, used by Marshall. But, where is the easiest to find Saints Row hoverbike location, so you can get it as early as possible?

Finding one in the wild is rare, but there is a guaranteed way to get yourself a hoverbike in Saints Row and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to get either. With powerful weapons and a blistering fast speed, the vehicle is definitely one you want to be using!

So, below, you can find the Saints Row hoverbike location and the earliest and easiest point you can pick one up!

Saints Row Hoverbike Location

To get a Saints Row hoverbike, all you need to do is complete the mission ‘Corporate Retreat’, which takes place towards the end of the second act of the game.

During this mission, you and the crew will face multiple Marshall enemies on a hoverbike, riding one of them yourself, as well. Once you have finished the mission you can then go to your garage in Saints HQ and grab one there or have it delivered at any point by setting it to your favourite.

The hoverbike is cooler than it is functional, although the weapons do pack a punch. But, most of the time you will want something a bit more familiar to drive when exploring Santo Ileso just so you have that reliability.

You may be able to find a hoverbike in the world at a Marshall base, but this is rare and not guaranteed. Now you know the hoverbike location, check out our other vehicle guides which are compiled in our Saints Row walkthrough.